How to Tell If a Guy Cares



See how often he wants to see you.,
Check how often he reaches out to you.,
Find out what he’s doing.,
Tell him you need time for yourself.

Allow him to make plans for getting together. Note how much of his free time he devotes to you. The more time he wants to spend with you, the more he cares.Allow some leeway if your schedules are busy or conflicting because of work, school, or family functions. But if he has all the free time in the world and only wants to see you once a week, consider that a sign of ambivalence.;
, Note how frequently he calls, emails, or texts you. If he contacts you regularly, consider that a sign that he wants to be part of your life. Give him a little grace period if he’s extremely busy, but also note how much effort he makes to keep in touch in spite of that.On the other hand, watch out if he’s calling way too much. If he calls you when he knows you’re busy with work, family, or studying and still expects you to drop everything and talk to him, that probably means he cares less about your needs and more about his own.

, When you aren’t going to see each other anytime soon, ask him what he’ll be up to. Gauge his willingness to answer. If he seems cagey and vague, consider that a sign that he doesn’t care enough about you to share all of his life with you. If he’s forthcoming and lets you know what his plans are at any given hour, take it as a sign of honesty and inclusion.Take him at his word when he tells you what he’ll be up to. Don’t sneak around and spy on him to make sure he’s telling the truth (unless he gives you a very good reason to). If he does care about you and catches you stalking him, he might take that as a sign of mistrust, which could hurt your relationship.

, Every now and then, say that you need a little alone-time, either by yourself or with your own friends. See how well he takes it. If he respects the fact that everyone needs a little break from each other from time to time, take that as a plus. But if he demands that you spend every available second with him, take that to mean he’s less interested in keeping you happy than keeping himself happy.Remember: this works both ways. Don’t be upset if he asks for a night off every now and then so he can spend time with other people or by himself, especially if the two of you have been spending a lot of time together recently.

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