How to Tell if a Girl Thinks You’re Cute



Know that all girls are different.,
Spend quality time with her.,
Talk to her.,
Note her body language.,
Lightly tease and joke with her.,
See where she puts her attention in a group.,
Talk to her friends.,
Be your best self around her.,
Let her know how you feel.

There is no one, perfect way to find out if a girl thinks you’re cute, and signs that one girl likes you may be a sign from another girl that she isn’t interested. The only way to get around this is to spend time with a women. The better you know her, the better you’ll be able to read her and figure out if she thinks you’re cute.

Shy girls often stay quiet, avoid eye contact, or maintain some distance, especially if they like a boy and are nervous he might find out.Louder, outgoing girls may act friendly or flirty with everyone, making it harder to see who they actually think is cute. The more you know her, however, the more you’ll see how she treats the ones she really admires.;
, If you can spend time alone, this is always going to be best. You cannot tell if a girl is into you if you’re always off on your own, or if you’re trying to judge her from afar. You need to spend quality time with her, even if it is just casual, to see how she treats you.

Sit down next to her in class or at lunch, or join her games at recess. Any time spent nearby will help show you how she feels.
Invite her to group events, where the pressure to be together or romantic is low and you can casually see how she feels by her response to the invitation.

, A big indicator of attraction is how she responds to conversations. Is she looking away, making up reasons to leave, or sitting silently whenever you’re not talking? If so, chances are good she is not interested in you. However, if you give a pause or lull in the conversation and after a second or two of silence and she reengages you by asking you a question such as “where are you from?” “How about you? Do you like xyz?”, that is a sign that she wants to keep the interaction going on between you two and see where the vibe is headed unwinds. This is an important precursor to her thinking you’re cute.

, Body language is not the only way to see if someone thinks you’re cute, but it is a great way to gauge how someone might feel about you. Good signs include:

Touching you, especially on the arms or back.
Smiling frequently at you.
Making eye contact.
Turning and facing you during conversations especially in group settings.
Agreeing frequently, showing that she enjoys similar things., Teasing is one of the best ways to subtly see where her heart is at. You never want to be mean, but making jokes, having small, competitive challenges in class, at recess, or at work, and slightly making fun of her for mistakes is classic flirting. If she engages back, teasing and joking with you, there is a good chance she thinks you’re cute.

Note, however, that some people are shy and don’t show their affection this way. If she doesn’t joke or tease back, but still smiles and seems interested, she might still think you’re cute.

, If you do this, observe whether the girl pays more attention to you or her friends. If it is friends, then you know she isn’t crushing on you, but if she pays more attention to you, then you know that she is crushing on you. She may try to impress you, make lots of jokes, or spend most of her time talking to you.

, Find a friend you both have in common and ask their opinion. Often another friend has the outside perspective needed figure out if their is mutual attraction. Know, however, that this can quickly turn into a rumor that leaves all of your friends asking “do you have a crush on her?” Only ask trusted friends their advice, and keep it to a minimum., You can’t control what she thinks about you, but you can control how you act around her. Be a gentleman by listening to her when she talks and offering to help her out when possible. She may not think you’re cute now, but with simple, easy gestures like holding the door open or asking how she is doing each morning you can give her a great impression to remember you by.

, This may be the most terrifying-seeming action in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The only way to really know if she thinks you’re cute is to let her know you find her cute. This doesn’t have to be a grand, enormous profession of love. In fact, it shouldn’t be — it should be casual and lighthearted. Let her know “I think you’re cute,” give a light smile, and move on if she rejects you. More likely than not, however, this little complement will open her up to say how she feels as well.

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