How to Tell if a Girl Likes You, or Is Interested



See if she’s being intentional with you.,
Pay attention to her vulnerability with you.,
Look for hints.,
Notice how she interacts with her friends.,
Pay attention to her actions in group settings.,
Look at social media.,
Don’t overanalyze.,
Watch for flirting.,
Observe her body language.,
See if her wardrobe/look changes.,
Make the effort to understand her.,
Ask her to hang out.,
Get information from her friends or from others.,
Initiate flirting with her.,
Ask her boldly.

One of the first things that might stand out to you, making you curious if a girl is interested in you, is her desire to be intentional with you. Is there a girl in your life who is really trying to get to know you or spend time with you? A girl may be interested in you if she’s asking you personal questions, showing that she cares about your life and wants to know you more.Don’t confuse this with a girl who is just being friendly. Some girls may just be really good at initiating conversation with people or may have a knack for small talk. Look beyond that to the girls who seem to be going out of their way to learn more about you and develop a relationship with you.
When a girl spends time getting to know you and learns about your hobbies and interests, you may begin to see her taking interests in those things as well. She may be doing this so that you two have more in common or so that you find her more interesting and inviting.;
, Not only might a girl who is interested in you seek out ways to get to know you, she may also become more vulnerable around you. If you are unsure if a girl likes you, pay attention to how much she is opening up around you. If you ask her somewhat personal questions and she seems offended or taken aback, it may be a sign that she’s not interested in you. But if she seems willing to open up and tell you things she wouldn’t tell everyone, she may be interested in you.Girls can be complicated and there is no perfect formula for understanding them, so don’t assume that just because she is opening up to you she must like you. On the opposite end, don’t assume that just because she is more closed off or quiet that she dislikes you. Some girls feel more comfortable being vulnerable with people while others take more time to show their entire self to people.
Be patient with girls and if you feel that one may like you, try to be vulnerable with her and see if she is vulnerable back. Overtime if you continue this she should open up if she’s interested in you.

, Girls often like to drop hints to people that they are interested in so that they don’t have to be the first one to make a move. These can range from sharing their interests, or explaining that they want to do something and don’t have someone to do it with. Look for signs that a girl is obviously trying to show you that she wants you to initiate.

Hints can be difficult because they are just that — hints — and it can hard to know what the girl is actually communicating. If she says she’s been wanting to see a certain movie but no one has wanted to go with her, she may be hinting to you that you should ask to go with her, or she may just be stating a fact. As always feel out the situation to figure out what she’s really trying to say. In this case, you may just have to be bold and ask her what she’s really trying to say, or initiate with her and risk the chance that she wasn’t hinting anything to you.
Another way a girl might drop a hint is explaining she needs help on something. This is the opportunity for you to offer to help her! Even if she really just needs help and isn’t trying to hint at anything, you haven’t lost anything by offering your help.

, If a girl is interested in you and has told her friends that she likes you, you may be able to see a reaction from all of them when you approach them. Some girls are subtle and are good at hiding their emotions, while others may be surrounded by a group of friends that start giggling or acting strange when you walk up to them. Changes in behavior in a girl when you approach can be a helpful sign to show she likes you.

, If the two of you are involved in the same organization or have the same group of friends, pay attention to how she is spending her time in group settings. Is she spending time with a particular group of friends the whole time, is she jumping from group to group, or is she spending most of her time with you? If you find that she is giving you extra attention over others, it may be because she’s into you.If you two are already close friends and she would normally spend more time with you, this probably isn’t helpful. But, if you are in this situation and you find that she’s spending a lot of time with someone else instead of you, it may be a sign that she is interested in that other person and not you.
If you are in a room with a group of people and she’s across the room, try making eye contact with her. You may notice that she’s already been looking at you or when she notices you looking at her she may smile shyly or show that she’s happy to see you. Watch the expression that comes on her face whenever you make eye contact with her. It could be a sign that she likes you.

, Some girls will use social media as an outlet to show others what is going on in their lives, and so if you are a big part of her life you may see that she has several pictures with you that she’s posted. She also may be very attentive to your social media pages, liking your pictures and statuses. Any of these things could be a sign that she’s into you.

As always, some girls won’t use social media to broadcast your relationship, especially if they are insecure or aren’t sure that you like them as well. Just because a girl doesn’t have pictures of you on her Instagram or Facebook, doesn’t mean she’s not into you.

, Because relationships and people are complicated and can’t be put into a box, you may meet a girl who is crazy about you and doesn’t show any of these signs, or you may meet someone who has no interest in you and does all of these things. With that being said, try not to overanalyze her behavior. Be patient, get to know her, and over time you may be able to have a conversation about it rather than just depending on her actions for complete confidence that she likes you.

, One of the common ways to tell if a girl likes you is when she flirts with you. A girl may be interested in you if she laughs a lot when she’s around you, if she initiates physical touch, like touching your shoulder or giving you hugs, or if she playfully argues with you. Because every girl is different, flirting doesn’t always mean a girl is interested, but it’s a good beginning sign to know if she sees you as potential.Some girls don’t realize they are flirting, or their natural way to interact with others is by being somewhat flirty and playful. Others won’t flirt at all for fear of rejection, so don’t place girls in a box when it comes to flirting.
On the other hand, a girl may be interested in you, but not flirt with you because she is shy or nervous. So, in this case pay attention to the less obvious signs of flirting. Look to see if she blushes when she’s around you, if she laughs nervously at your jokes, or she shifts her clothes or hair while she’s talking to you. These could all be signs that she’s into you, but doesn’t feel comfortable outright flirting with you. As she walks away, look to see if there’s still a smile on her face. This could definitely be a sign that she likes you, because you’ve left her feeling giddy after she’s talked to you.

, Body language is a great way to feel out a situation, and figure out if a girl is interested in you. If you are with a girl and she seems distant, or her arms are crossed in front of her, and she’s not making eye contact with you, it may be a sign that she’s not interested. But, if she is being intentional about making eye contact with you, moves closer to you as you two talk, and tenderly smiles at you, she may like you.

Watch how she holds herself, too. If there is a girl who really wants to get your attention, she may look more confident when she’s around you, because she wants to show you that she’s worth looking at. She may do this around you and engage with you, or she may show confidence but act like she’s preoccupied with other things. This may be because she’s trying to play hard to get, or she wants you to be jealous.
Sometimes, a girl can feel distant because she is nervous, uncomfortable, or doesn’t know how to act around you. It doesn’t always mean that she isn’t interested in you, so in this situation the best way to make her comfortable is to show her that she can trust you. Cozy up to her and look into her eyes, instead. She may feel uncomfortable but eventually she may decide opening up to you physically is worth the risk.
As with flirting, don’t believe that just because a girl makes eye contact with you it means she likes you. You really have to feel out the situation with girls and observe how she acts around others as well. If she seems tender and open with everyone else, she may not be acting that way around you because she likes you. However, if she seems more closed off with others, but with you her body language shows she is more at ease or flirty, then it may be evidence that she likes you.

, If a girl is trying to impress you, she may spend more time on her outfit, hair, or makeup. She wants you to notice her and think she’s attractive, so whenever she knows that she’s going to be around you, she’s likely going to primp herself more than she usually does. If you notice that she suddenly looks more stylish or done up than she used to, it may be a sign that she’s into you.

This could be difficult to tell if the girl you think is interested in you has always looked really nice. If this is the case, continue to pay attention to see if she does something different. This will require you to be more observant than you might have been. See if she changes her hair color, tries out a new style of clothing, or wears a new perfume.
As with all of the other tips, don’t expect that every girl is going to dress nicer for you when they are interested in you. It’s really a girl’s personal preference, and some won’t see the need to make you notice them by their looks. Some girls may feel confident enough to just be themselves.
Also, don’t get confused if a girl is dressing up, but she’s really doing it for someone else. Try to pay attention to who she is dressing up around and when she’s dressing up. For example, if you see her with a group of her friends, and she wasn’t expecting to see you, look to see if she is dressed up. If she seems to be dressed rather casually and hasn’t done anything special to her hair or makeup, but she looks much more dolled up when she’s around you, it may be because she’s interested in you.

, While a girl may try to get to know you better because she likes you, a great way to understand her feelings and intentions is by getting to know her better yourself. As you spend time with her and talk with her, ask her questions about her life and pay attention to how she relates to you and to others.This is the step where you can also begin to talk about your relationship, if you are relatively confident something is going on between the two of you.
While this is similar to looking for intentionality and vulnerability, it’s different in that you play bigger role. You want to make her feel comfortable and that she’s in a safe place. And, if you like her too you should have the desire to understand who she is and how she works.

, If you are unsure if a girl is interested in you, the best way to find out is by asking her to spend time with you. A girl who is interested in someone will almost certainly say yes to this, and someone who isn’t interested in you may or may not say yes, but it will take you one step further to figuring out how she feels about you.

Ask her to hang out in a casual setting, that way if she’s actually not interested you haven’t placed yourself in an awkward position. If she is interested it will give her a comfortable, relaxed environment to open up to you. Observe her throughout the night to determine if she seems like she just sees you as a friend or if she’s looking at you as more than that.

, Maybe you’ve looked for all of the other signs that a girl likes you, but are still unsure. Now is the time where you can seek out information and insight from her friends and others. Talk to other people who have been in relationships and ask them how they knew the other was interested. Ask her friends if she is interested in anyone or, if they already know you are interested in her too, ask them how you can best approach their friend.Don’t use her friends as an excuse to not be bold and take risks yourself. You don’t want her friends to be the messengers to her, and you definitely don’t want to tell her you are interested in her through her friends. Use her friends as helpful advice on how you can better act in this situation, and if you are absolutely clueless they may steer you in a good direction.

, Some girls will flirt no matter who the person is, but others won’t flirt unless they have first been flirted with. If this is your girl, and she seems shy and uncertain, try flirting with her, speaking tenderly with her, laughing with her, and giving her hugs. If she’s interested in you she may flirt back, and if walls still seem to be up it might be a sign that she’s not into you.

, This is not always a great idea, especially if you are unsure if a girl is interested in you. But if you feel like you’ve had some time to “read the signs” and are pretty confident that she’s into you, then you can try asking her boldly if she likes you are is interested. Do this in a gentle way, and only if you plan to take the relationship further.

If you don’t plan to ask this girl out or develop a relationship with her, asking her if she likes you and then doing nothing may come across as hurtful or insincere. So, if you don’t like her then just leave it at that — there’s really no reason for you to know if she likes you. But if you do like her and want the relationship to move into something different, than ask her if she’s interested in you and explain that you feel the same way.
A gentle way to approach this would be by first explaining to her that you are interested in her and then leaving her the option to tell you how she feels about you. This creates a safe zone for her, which allows her to be vulnerable but with the knowledge that it’s not in vain.

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