How to Tell if a Girl in Your Class Likes You (High School)



When she walks into the room and sees you she may look down as if someone said “you have a stain on your shirt” and she is trying to find the stain.,
If you sit next to her in class see if she glances at you.,
If she has made any note of you she’ll most likely play hard to get sometimes like hardly looking at you but when she does she blushes,smiles,etc.

Depending on how shy she is, when she stares at you, she will either pull away very quickly or hold your gaze.,
Does she casually touch your arm while you are talking?,
Does she love to hang around with you as compared to other guys?,
Ask her friends about her crush.,
Does she include you in all her planned events?,
Well, now if she is your best friend then these signs will be normal.,
Does she compliment you?,
Does she defend you?

That’s probably her making sure she looks nice. It means she is nervous on how she looks and normally if it was a regular guy that walked into the room she wouldn’t bother to check. If she doesn’t look as nervous then don’t get your hopes down. Some girls try to hide it and act normal. (They don’t want you to know.) Stay tuned there’s other ways to notice.;
, If she looks at you three or more separate times she probably likes you. (rarely the looks will be one right after the other.) This means she notices you, more than a regular guy who walks into the room. Don’t think she likes you right away.

,, Both of these means she likes you.

, does she play with her hair while talking/looking at you?

, Maybe she likes you.

, They can be a big help.

, She likes your company then.

, Now as a best friend, you should directly ask her. She maybe saying “I like him” but deep inside once she will like you but you should be the one to make the first move.

,  she may just be a nice person or wants to get close to you

, Well 10% she likes you but the other 90%, if you deserve justice then any girl will stand for you.

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