How to Tell if a Girl Has a Crush on You



See if she teases you.,
Notice if she compliments you.,
See if she looks for every excuse to talk to you.,
Notice if she asks if you like anyone.,
Notice what she says about any girls you hang out with.,
See if she hints that she wants a boyfriend.,
See what she says about other guys.,
See if she calls or texts you a lot.

If the girl teases you, then it’s another sure-fire sign that she has a crush on you. Teasing is just one form of flirting, and it’s her way of letting you know she has a crush on you while being playful. If she teases you, then she’ll make fun of your clothes, playfully push or shove you, or even make fun of your hair or new shoes. Don’t be offended — this is just her way to let you know that she’s paying attention to you.

See if she teases all of the guys, or just you. If she teases everyone, then she may just be a playful person. But if it’s just you, then you’re special to her.

, If the girl is always giving you complements, then there’s a good chance she has a crush on you. If she tells you she likes your new shoes, that she liked your history presentation, or that you did great in the baseball game though all you did was strike out, then yeah, she probably has a crush on you. If a girl has a crush on you, she’ll like every little thing you do, and she may not be afraid to tell you about it.

See if she’s the type of girl who is just really nice and gives everyone compliments, or if she only says flattering things to you. Who knows — maybe she’s just really, really nice. But probably not.
If she compliments a new shirt or a new haircut, that means she notices when your wardrobe or looks change, which already is a strong sign that she has a crush on you.

, If a girl has a crush on you, then she’ll try to talk to you as much as she can — unless she’s really shy. If you don’t have many mutual friends or other reasons to be around each other, she may come up and ask you an obvious question, like something about the math homework that she could have easily asked another friend. She may even call or text you to ask an obvious question, hoping it could lead to more conversation.

If she likes you, she may even try to talk to you about something she know that you love, like a sport or favorite TV show. She could come up to you just to ask if you saw last night’s game or to ask what you thought about the season finale of your favorite show. She could share your interests too, of course, but she could also be using them as an excuse to talk to you.

, The girl may think she’s being subtle when she asks if you like anyone, or when she asks you if you’re going out with any girls this weekend, or asks if you have a crush on a specific girl, but you’ll be able to see right through her. If she’s asking if you have a crush on anyone, she’s really asking, “Do you like me?”

There’s only one other option — she could be asking if you like anyone because one of her friends like you and she’s acting as a go-between.
If you tell her you don’t like anyone, and she says something like, “How can you not like anyone?” “You must like someone…” Then she really wants you to tell her that you like her.
Even the fact that she takes any interest in your love life shows that she has romantic feelings for you.

, Does the girl subtly try to put down the other girls you hang out with? Does she mention that any girls you’ve dated in the past aren’t good enough for you? If so, then what she’s really saying is that she thinks she’s the one for you. If she puts down any girls you hang out with, or even any girls she just sees you talking to in the halls, then she’s just jealous that she doesn’t have all of your attention.

It’s okay for her to be jealous before you start dating — just make sure it isn’t a problem if she does end up being your girlfriend.

, She may think she’s just dropping a hint, but if she often says things like, “It would be cool to have a boyfriend,” or “being single is so not fun,” or “I wish I had a guy to go to the movies with,” then she’s basically asking you to be her boyfriend. If she’s always making subtle comments about how much she wants to date someone, that person is you.

There’s only one other option — that she wants to date one of your friends. But if she never asks about any of your friends, then chances are that she has her eye on you.

, If all she says about other guys is that this or that guy isn’t good enough, or that he isn’t nearly as great as you, then she’s basically saying that she has a crush on you. She may even say that she wished this or that guy possessed a certain quality — one that you have.

If she says she wishes that a guy she went on a date with had a better sense of humor and she always praises your sense of humor, then she’s basically telling you that she wants to date you.
If she’s always comparing you favorably to other guys, then she’s letting you know that she likes you more than any other guy around.

, If she’s always texting you or calling you, then chances are that she has a crush on you. If she sends you a lot of cute smiley face emoticons, or calls you just to say “hi” or for a dumb excuse like asking for the homework for a class that she could get from anyone, then she’s just looking for reasons to talk to you.

If she texts you a smiley face or just a word like “hehe,” then she’s flirting with you.

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