How to Tell a Set of Identical Twins Apart



Color coordinate your twins.,
Paint a single toenail of one twin.,
Use a “scrunchie” or bracelet.,
Get to know each baby’s personality.

If you’re a parent of twin babies, it can get hard to tell your twins apart. It may be a good idea to color coordinate. Always dress twins in certain colors. For example, Maria is always dressed in yellow, red, or green. Lucy is always dressed in purple, pink, or blue.You can also try picking different designs. Maria is usually in stripes, while Lucy is in polka dots.
It’s a good idea to let daycare workers and babysitters know how your twins are color coordinated. If one twin is on a certain medication, it’s important that a caretaker know which twin is which.

, Many parents find it helpful to paint a single toenail on one twin. This way, you’ll know which twin is which. If you get confused, check the toes. You’ll know you’re changing Zachary’s diaper if a single toenail is painted green., You can purchase an elastic scrunchie or some type of small bracelet. Before leaving the hospital, put the scrunchie around one baby’s wrist or ankle. This can help you remember which baby is which throughout the day., After awhile, you probably will not need physical reminders to tell your twins apart. As babies get older, they begin to develop distinct personalities. Zack may be more quiet, and less likely to cry at night, while Jake tends to be fussier and pickier. As your twins personalities emerge, you’ll get to know them as individuals. This will make it easier to differentiate between them.

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