How to Tell a Middle School Boy You Like Him



Hang out around this boy more often.,
Try to find ways to get together.,
Consider taking up an after-school activity that you know he does.,
Find out what possibilities exist outside of school time.,
Use the time spent together to gauge both how you feel about him and whether you think he shows signs of interest in you.,
Talk to your friends.,
Consider talking to one of his friends.,
Be sure that he’s worth the effort.,
Choose a time when other people aren’t around.,
Rehearse telling him.,
Allow your crush the space to reply in his own way and at his pace.,
Realize that you may be rejected.,
If he says he likes you too, celebrate.

It’s important to get to know each other before deciding that this guy is worth shattering your nerves for and telling him you like him!;
, If you’re in class, sit close to him or even next to him. Try to get into his activity groups or other exercises. In sport, get on his team where possible or play in pairs or alongside of him. If you’re not in the same class, catch him at his locker and say hello or spend time with him and his friends during lunch and recess.

, Of course, only do this if the activity also interests you, otherwise it’s a waste of your time. This can provide a great way for him to get to know you better, and vice versa.

, Can you ask a bunch of friends back to your place that will also include him? Can you go somewhere he’s likely to be spending time, such as at the mall, a sports field or hanging downtown? Find out what is possible and won’t put you in any difficult positions with your parents.

, This will help you to make the decision about telling him that you like him and to ask him on a date.

, Ask them what they think about your prospects with this guy and how they interpret his reactions toward you at the moment. Often people outside of a crush will have more objectivity and may be able to see the signs––or lack of them––that you can’t quite put your finger on. Always talk to trusted friends, who will keep your confidence.

, Try to find out carefully whether your crush already has a love interest or might have any interest in you. Do your best to avoid making your interest too obvious unless you want them to relay it straight back to him. If in doubt, skip his friends and only talk to yours.

, You are going to put yourself out on a limb without knowing how he’ll respond yet, so he had better be worth it!

, This gives both of you wriggle room to back out and to say what you really feel without others overhearing and possibly spreading rumors. This might be at the end of lunch, after school or when you’re alone at the lockers. Scout out possible good times and places a few days before you decide to tell him.

Avoid the temptation to text, IM or email him with this news. It is definitely something that should be passed on personally, face-to-face.

, While you need to be ready to go with the flow and react to his reactions when you actually tell him, it can’t hurt to rehearse your opening lines with him. For example:

“Hey Josh, have you got a moment? There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.” Josh says yes, so you proceed: “I wanted to tell you that I’m really enjoying spending time with you and that I like you a lot. I was hoping you might want to hang out with me this weekend.”
“Hey Hank, we’ve been great friends for a while now and I have grown to really like you. Would you be interested in coming to the movies with me this Friday?”
“So Zack, I just wanted to let you know something that matters to me a lot. It’s that I really like you. I was hoping you might feel the same way too.”

, This is probably not news to him but it is out in the open now, instead of hanging in the air between you two. If there is a long silence, you could interject that you just wanted to get that out there and that he doesn’t have to say anything straight away, that you’re happy for him to think about it for a time.

, This is not necessarily the end of things but it may happen and isn’t a reflection on you as a person. He can have many reasons for not wanting to reciprocate the feelings, such as already having a love interest, not wanting a relationship at this point in time or being more interested in friendship than anything more intimate. Be gracious and say that it’s okay, you’re happy to stay good friends and not speak about it again for now.

, You’re now both open with one another and can go ahead and arrange a date!

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