How to Tell a Male Robin from a Female Robin



Study the robin’s plumage.,
Discover which bird is building the nest.,
Observe nesting behavior.,
Pay attention to mating behavior.

The breast on male robins is a rusty red, deeper than that of their female counterparts. The female breast will be lighter in color, trending towards reddish-orange.Wing and tail feathers will also be different. Male robins tend to have darker black wings and tail feathers, while females typically have a charcoal tone to their plumage.
There is less contrast between the head and back feathers in females (where they are typically a blackish gray color) than among males.;
, Nests are built primarily by females. Male robins assist the building effort only occasionally.If you can catch a robin in the act of building its nest, chances are you’ve identified a female.

, Male robins will care for the young at night during their first year. Female robins use this time to incubate the second brood but return during the day to feed and care for the hatchlings., Males pursue females and may engage in fights with other males to ward them off their nesting grounds. Males often sing to attract females, though both males and females are capable of vocalizing.

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