How to Tell a Guy Who Has a Girlfriend That You Like Him



Sort out your feelings for him.,
Ask yourself how well you know each other.,
Spend more time getting to know him before making up your mind.,
Consider spending more time around him even if he has his girlfriend by his side.,
Try to use social media in order to communicate with him whilst his girlfriend is not around.,
Talk as much as possible.,
Ask about his relationship––with care.,
Reflect on your feelings again.,
Pluck up the courage.,
Decide how to tell him.,
Be honest.,
Start by talking to him in a normal way.,
See how he responds.,
Be prepared.,
Let go.

Do you only like him because he is taken, or do you genuinely like him? Do you think it would change anything if you told him how you feel about him?;
, How well do you get along? Try to find reasons as to why you like him so much. You need to understand your feelings, to allow you to make the correct decision and to be able to express them in a confident way.

, Follow the next section before deciding that it’s okay to tell him your true feelings. By spending more time with him, you’ll get to know him better, he’ll grow to trust you more and maybe, just maybe, he might see things differently too.

, Show interest in his social life and hang around with friends he hangs around with. This shows a guy that you are confident enough to spend break times with his own friends at times in an outgoing manner.

, It is uncomfortable to speak to a guy you really like in front of his girlfriend who might easily realize your interest in her guy and become jealous. Start a conversation on Facebook to get around this. For instance, while he is online, ask him simple questions like how he’s doing and how did he do in an exam.

Go for questions like, “what’s your favourite food?” or “what movies do you like most?”. This helps you learn more about him and in doing so, you keep your conversation going while also showing him you care.

, If your conversations are a bit stuck in the same discourse, then try to find ways to make them interesting. Don’t always start the conversation with “hey” or “hi there”. Instead, find out what his favorite subject is and try to find a picture, a joke or a quote which is related to that. Then you can pass it on, with an excuse that “you might like this” or that “this reminded me of you”. This shows a guy that you remember what he tells you.

, If it seems appropriate, try to offer advice in case of some ups and downs that they may be having. Even if you actually think of hitting her in the face often for having the guy you are crazy about, showing interest in their relationship gets him to trust you with his personal issues while it also acts as a key to discovering what he likes and what he doesn’t like in his relationship.

, After doing all of this, some time should have passed by and by then you can figure out if what you feel towards him is a strong feeling or just something temporary. If you notice that these are recurring feelings which are only becoming stronger by time; it’s time to face the music and let him know how you feel. The main question is how ?!

, If you’ve decided that it’s worth telling him, then it’s time to give it a try. You must be confident with yourself and with what you feel in order to express yourself correctly and clearly. Do not hesitate or fear that you will end up being rejected. On the bright side, if that happens you would have figured out what he truly feels towards you and can hence, move on without thinking what could have been.

, The best way to tell him is face to face; however, with his girlfriend around, that might not always be ideal. So a text message or a message via Facebook can help you get what you want to tell him across.

, When you are dealing with feelings, honesty really is the best policy. Don’t lie to him about it, just come right out and tell him.

Be considerate. Your crush has a girlfriend. Remember that she has feelings too. If you’re friends with her, tell her too. You don’t want to ruin your friendship with her.

, Then include something like, “I was wondering the other day and I have something to tell you…”. When he responds “yeah go on, I’m listening”, tell him the truth. Don’t talk in a very hyperbolic way because it might scare him. Let him know that you are aware about his girlfriend but still you wanted to let him know even if nothing will change after this moment, at least you confronted him with confidence.

Say something like “We’ve been speaking for the past few weeks/months now and I have gotten to know more about you. Honestly, the thing is, I like you, I really do. And I know that you have a girlfriend but still I wanted you to know.”

, This will determine the type of response that you give to him.

If it’s just an “okay” or “thanks”, say: “I’m relieved now that I told you” .
If he answers back in a long paragraph with the fact that he has a girlfriend and other excuses, just say “It’s okay, I wanted to be honest and I understand that you have a girlfriend. I’m okay with that”.
If you get the answer you’ve been hoping for “I like you too”, just go ahead and carry on your conversation to see how things can unfold between you.

, If he already has a girlfriend, then you’re likely to be rejected. Don’t take it personally and remember that if he said he would break up with his girlfriend for you, then consider whether he’s the type of guy you would want to be with. If that happens, then get over him.

, Letting him know how you feel sets peace to your mind because no matter what the answer might be, you’ll know you would have let him know whatever you wanted him to know. However, never force him into liking you or into leaving his girlfriend for you. After all, you definitely rather be his first choice rather than his second !

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