How to Tell a Boy to Stop Touching You



Tell him to stop immediately.,
Show your emotions.,
Push him away.,
Run away.,
Call for help.,
Involve the police.

If someone with whom you are not in a relationship touches you inappropriately, that is completely unacceptable. Confront the offender immediately. Don’t worry about being polite. Loudly say, “Stop touching me!” so that other people around you will hear. Do not be embarrassed. It’s the creep who’s touching you that should be embarrassed!If it is someone young and they say something like, “I was just joking, chill out,” don’t pay any attention to that. A joke is only a joke if both people are laughing. Just say, “It wasn’t funny and I won’t let you treat me like that.” Then walk away.;
, If you feel disgusted or angry, don’t be afraid to express that. You have every right to feel that way and communicating that will show the offender that you mean business. Don’t be afraid to yell at the person or to say something like, “Stop it, that’s disgusting!”If you know the person, you might be afraid to confront them because you don’t want to make things awkward. But it’s the person touching you without your permission who is making things awkward! Don’t ever worry about upsetting someone who is disrespecting you. You have every right to be upset and you need to communicate this. You can say something like, “Stop! You have no right to treat me that way!” or “Don’t do that!” or “Stop it! I don’t like that!”

, If the person keeps his hand on you, push him away and loudly say, “Get off me!” If you are loud, someone nearby will overhear what is happening and hopefully they will intervene. By pushing him away, you should create distance to allow yourself to get away.If the person is a friend, it’s time to get new friends! Friends have to respect one another and this person clearly does not! To end a disrespectful friendship, you can say something like, “I don’t like the way you treat me and I will not allow you to be a part of my life anymore.” Then look for friends who are kind to you.

, Get as far away from the creep as possible. If you aren’t able to go very far, for example if you are on public transit, then move to a crowded area. The person will be less likely to continue trying to touch you if you are surrounded by others.If you are at school, go tell a teacher immediately. You could say, “Ms. Anderson, I need to talk to you. Jerad was touching me inappropriately and he wouldn’t stop.” This isn’t tattling; this is defending yourself against someone harming you.
If you are near your house, run home and tell your parents or another adult right away. You could say, “Mom, this creepy guy starting touching me in the park.”

, If the person continues to harass you, call out for help. Simply yell, “Somebody help me!” and repeat it until someone hears. The yelling will likely alarm the person touching you, causing them to back off, or someone will hear and intervene.You do not need to deal with this alone., If someone has been harassing you and inappropriately touching you, as soon as you get to safety, call 911. Tell them what happened. Tell them where you were and what the person looked like. He needs to be arrested so that he will not continue to harass people. You could tell the police, “I was riding on bus 44 at 2:00pm and this creepy guy kept groping me and wouldn’t stop.”

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