How to Tell a Boy to Stop Touching You



Move away from him.,
Tell an adult.,
Leave him.,
Listen to your gut.

If your boyfriend won’t stop touching you after you’ve talked to him, this is a serious problem and a huge lack of respect on his part. Any touching in a relationship must be agreed to by both people. At this point, you need to get distance from him. Get up and walk away. If he asks what you are doing, you could say, “I told you to stop and you didn’t listen. I’m out of here!” and walk out the door. Don’t stick around to argue about it. You don’t owe him an explanation. He owes you a huge apology., If your boyfriend has disrespected you and refused to stop touching you, it is time to involve an adult that you trust. You could tell a parent, older sibling, teacher, coach, religious leader, or counselor. If this happened at school, the boy should be suspended.If it happened outside of school, the boy’s parents need to be involved. If he went even further than touching, law enforcement agencies may need to be involved. Make sure to reach out for help. It is not your job to deal with this alone. The fault is solely on the boy who mistreated you; none of it is your fault.If you aren’t sure how to start the conversation, find a time alone with the adult and say, “Could we talk about something? I’ve been having problems in a relationship.” Then tell the adult what happened and ask for help. You could say, “My boyfriend started touching me in a way I was uncomfortable with, and when I asked him to stop, he wouldn’t listen.”

, Any guy who doesn’t respect your wishes doesn’t deserve you. You don’t even need to say anything, just leave him out in the cold! If you want to say something, you could tell him, “This is over because you disrespected me and I won’t stand for that. Bye!” It’s his own fault; he had several chances to stop, and you should never be with someone who doesn’t listen to you.If you stick with him and don’t deal with it now, you will have problems in the relationship later and will continue to be mistreated. Find someone who respects and cherishes you and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t.

, Don’t ever try to rationalize someone else’s inappropriate behavior. If you feel at all uncomfortable, you need to acknowledge that and take immediate actions to stop what is happening. You never need to feel embarrassed or ashamed if someone is making you uncomfortable. Instead, listen to how you feel and confront the person. You can simply say, “You’re making me uncomfortable. Please stop.”

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