How to Tease a Guy (for Teens and Kids)



Do little things to annoy him.,
Tell the guy all about how you feel about what he likes.,
Spend some time with him.,
Tease him about liking someone that you know he doesn’t like.,
Tease him in a way he can tease you back.

These things have to be little things that won’t make him too mad. They just have to be things that will irk him a little bit. Here are some examples:

Poking him on the arm.
Coming up next to him and saying something weird like, “Flying Monkeys are inside of you, that’s why you feel tingly!” then giggling, apologizing quickly, and running away.
Taking his binder/pen etc. and giving it back almost immediately.
Raising up a 20 dollar bill and tempting him to take the money but then not giving it to him.
Throwing a crumpled piece of paper at him.;
, For example, if the guy likes the band “Front Minor,” you can say “Front Minor is stupid.” in a teasing tone It catches his attention right away.

Find out what he likes first, like what he likes in general or what he likes to do, or his favorite bands etc.

, This way, you can get on his nerves a little bit more. For example, if you are in class working on a project, start pushing him out of the group and pretend you’re doing all the work to get him angry. IF you do something like this, stop after a while, smile, laugh a bit if you want to and say “Sorry about that.”

, You can use the classic “Johnny and Sarah, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” song, but don’t get out of hand with it. Don’t be racist either. Don’t joke about him being gay and liking another guy, or anything as serious as that.

, Example: find out his middle name and let him find out yours, so you can call him by his middle name and joke around about it.

Get cute little nicknames for each other but NOT couple nicknames like “hunnyboo”. That’s going a little too far.

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