How to Teach Your Parrot to Wave Hello



Prepare an area to train your parrot.,
Make sure your parrot has a perch to stand on while you teach this trick.,
Get a long wooden object that your parrot will want to chew on.,
Allow the parrot to see and touch the object briefly.,
Use the command you choose.,
Learn a physical command, make it very clear and distinct.,
Be ready to lose the stick.,
Lose the stick.,
Continue to practice the trick on occasion and repeat the above if they appear to forget the trick.

It should be quiet and free from other distractions. Do this during a time of day when your parrot is interested in you and being out of the cage. Doing this during a feeding time, or late at night when they want to be asleep would be a bad time.;
, If you do not have a perch you can use the back of a kitchen chair, or any chair which has a back that they can easily perch on, and not move too far around on.

, You can use a pen or pencil (just be careful and don’t let them destroy it or be injured by it) or a wooden chopstick, or a Popsicle stick. You’ll want to use an item that they don’t normally play with too much, but that they’re not afraid of and are interested in. If your parrot doesn’t show interest in the objects at first, play with them yourself. Don’t allow them to hold it, they’ll quickly decide they want it if you’re playing with it.

, Hold it near them to make it especially attractive. Once they take it in their beak and want it, take it away (gently and kindly).Hold the object just out of their reach until they raise a foot (usually to take it with their foot). Once their foot is raised, even slightly, praise the parrot (Good bird!) and give them the object immediately. Repeat this several times until they clearly make the connection between raising the foot and the object.

, However you will need to pick a phrase you don’t normally use with your parrot. “Hello” and “Hi” alone are not good choices, because you probably say this to your parrot already, or they hear you say it all the time on the telephone. If you really want to use “Hello” or “Hi”, change your tone and how you say it, so it’s different than normal. Like Heeeeeelllo! Or Hiiiiiiiii!

, You can use both a verbal and physical command, and simply wave your first finger, bending it up and down. Offer the stick and say the command or action before they raise their foot. Once they complete the trick (by raising their foot) praise them.

, Repeat the above, but do not give them the stick every time and do not offer the stick at all during the trick but keep it visible in your hand that you’re doing the physical command with (or if no physical command, then the hand you used before). Reduce the reward to only occasionally. But always give the verbal praise when they perform. You also want a clear and distinct foot raise. If they only raise it a little bit, ignore it at this time. You want the correct behavior and they’ll be testing how little they can do for the verbal praise.

, Continue doing it, and reward occasionally with the stick as well, but keep it out of view while doing the trick. Once you’ve done all that, you can lose the stick completely. They now know the behavior (raising their foot) and know the reward (praise and attention).

, You won’t need to start from scratch though, just use the stick again from step 7, and they should relearn it immediately. You only need to do this trick every week or so for them to remember and enjoy it.

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