How to Teach Your Cat to Talk



Make some time alone with your cat.,
Get some treats.,
Repeat until your cat has learned the trick.,
Be nice.

Cats are easily distracted, so you should create a quiet and calm environment. Place your cat on the table in front of you and pet it to put it at ease., Place the treats on the table to get your cat’s attention. Cats are more likely to respond to treats that they aren’t accustomed to. Try to get something new., Keep meowing until your cat meows and then give your cat a treat, and pet it. Continue as long as the cat is willing to participate.

, After your cat no longer seems to respond, take a break. Try again the following day. Repeat every day until your cat regularly responds when you meow.

, If you get frustrated and begin to be mean to your cat, it will get stressed and be less likely to respond. Cats do not respond to force. You must use positive reinforcement to encourage behavior.

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