How to Teach Your Cat to Sit



Motivate with treats over praise.,
Be positive.,
Sit on the ground.

Motivating a cat isn’t likely with praise. They don’t work in a partnership, so there is no reason to really do what you command. When the cat sits, you can praise it, but be sure to do so with a treat as well.

, Cats do not respond well to dominance or stress. When stressed, they are likely act out, and they certainly won’t be responsive to training. To avoid negative reactions from your cat, be sure not to react negatively to failure or setbacks.When your cat doesn’t sit immediately, and it won’t, remember the following:

Do not punish. There is a good chance that no matter the punishment, your cat won’t make an association between it and the action. If it doesn’t sit and you punish it, there may be an association with any number of other things instead of your actual command.Do not get physical with the cat. Hitting, shaking, or slapping could make it fearful. If that happens, the cat may avoid you, which will make training nearly impossible.
Do not force the issue. The more you force it, the more likely the cat will stress out. Cats learn on their own terms, and at different speeds. You may just frighten the cat if you push too hard.
Use the treats solely for training. If you use the treats too often, your cat will start to beg. It will pester you for a treat when it does anything whatsoever.

, You will want to be on the ground with your cat to show you want its attention. It may also help because being higher than your cat could appear like you’re about to pounce and show dominance. The extra focus should help when trying to persuade your cat to start the sitting movements.

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