How to Teach Your Cat to Sit



Remove distractions from a comfortable room in which the cat likes to relax and sit.,
Break out the good treats.,
Reward specific movements.,
Raise the treat above the cat’s head.Slowly lift the treat in front of the cat’s head, ensuring it’s out of reach.,
Reward often and consistently.

Cats are easily distracted and you wouldn’t want anything to contradict or interfere with the training. Try to remove sounds, toys, food, and anything else your cat may be tempted by.Be sure to choose a room in which your cat is comfortable and used to.
Close blinds and/or curtains to keep exterior distractions to a minimum.

, Cats won’t necessarily react to normal treats. They want treats that are soft food, like fish, chicken, or turkey. Use something they love and rarely get.You may be able to successfully train your cat without treats. Sometimes a favorite toy works just as well.

, Begin by rewarding your cat when it starts to sit. Reward each movement. Every time the cat hints at sitting down, or better, actually sits down, give it a reward.Begin simply and grow off of each movement., The angle of the treat will be such that the cat has to look upward, and the cat’s anatomy is beneficially angled. This should cause the cat to sit down.

, The ASPCA recommends repeating training about 40 times per day within two five minute training sessions.The training could be just the squatting motion, or the raising of the cat’s head, as long as the movement is a precursor to sitting.

Practicing too much could be counter-productive.Be sure to reinforce the training on subsequent days until the cat gets it.

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