How to Teach Your Cat to Put Its Toys Away



Keep in mind that positive reinforcement is the most powerful tool you have when training animals.,
Gather up your cat, the bin you want her to put her toys in (this can be an old shoebox, plastic container, etc), and several of her favorite toys in a room.,
Teach your cat to hold a toy in her mouth and carry it.,
After your cat can take a few steps while carrying the toy, have her take three or more steps carrying the toy before praising her.,
Once your cat will carry the toy around on her own, encourage her to take it towards the toy bin.,
When your cat is good at doing this, encourage her to carry the toy up to the toy box using the same method as described above.

When your cat is to the point that she will hold the toy over the toy basket, encourage her to drop the toy by gently removing it from her mouth while saying “Drop” or “Release”, or by giving her a treat, which will cause her to drop the toy in the toy bin so she can eat the treat.

Gradually work towards getting your cat to drop the toy in the toy bin by praising her when she does well, ignoring her mistakes when she makes them, and helping her understand that the command “Clean Up” means take the toy to the toy bin, and “Drop” means put it in the toy bin.

Eventually, your cat will begin doing this behavior without prompting, and you will be able to get your cat to put a toy away by saying your chosen command for this action.

If you lavishly reward your cat while training her, she will learn what you teach much faster than if you punish her or yell at her when she does something wrong.;

Try to bring your cat into the room where you want to keep the toy box permanently, so your cat learns where this box is located. You may also want to bring some cat treats with you to praise your cat when she behaves well.

, Encourage your cat to play with one of her favorite toys.

Once the toy is in her mouth, prompt her to walk forwards, either by sitting in front of her and calling her name or tempting her with a treat. As she does this, give her the command, “Clean up!”, or something else short that you would like to use as the command for this behavior. When your cat takes a step or two forwards while holding the toy, praise her.


Be sure that each time you want her to carry her toy, you give the command for this action so she learns the meaning of your chosen phrase. Gradually work up in your training until your cat will carry the toy around the room.


Put your cat on one side of the room holding her toy and go sit on the other side.
Call your cat over to you or prompt her with a treat.
Be sure that you tell her your chosen command so she associates walking towards her toy box with this command. When your cat reaches you, praise her.


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