How to Teach Your Cat to Kiss



Make sure your cat is hungry.,
Ask a friend to sit a few feet away from the cat.,
Apply some cat food on your friend’s cheek.,
Let the cat go to your friend.,
Say the command “Kiss!” You should time this so that the cat is “kissing” (licking) your friend’s face at the same time that you give the “kiss” command.,
Repeat this process a number of times.

This method works best if your cat has an appetite when you begin training. Your cat should be hungry, but not starving, during this training session.

To accomplish this, train your cat during its typical meal time.
You should never starve or withhold food from your cat.;
, Your cat should also be in the same room, and attentive to your friend. This method will not work if your cat is too far away, in another room, or ignoring you or your friend.

Try playing with your cat (using a cat toy or yarn) while your friend sits down on the floor a few feet away.

, You do not need to apply a large amount of food. Just dip your finger into a jar of wet cat food and smear a little on your friend’s cheek.If you prefer not to put cat food on your face, you can also use cream cheese.
Make sure your cat is aware of the food nearby. You could even hold the cat near your friend, so the cat knows there is food present.
Put the can of food away, so your cat will not be tempted to eat that instead.

, This should be a natural response for the cat. If the cat is hungry, it will attempt to eat the nearby food. It will remember the food and head straight to your friend’s cheek and start licking!

, After you say the word “kiss,” while your cat is still licking your friend’s face, give your cat another treat, praise it verbally, and pet its fur.

Your cat will come to associate your praise with following the “kiss” command.

, Gradually reduce the amount of food you apply on your friend’s cheek, but continue to say the word “kiss” while your cat licks the food from your friend’s cheek.

Eventually, the cat will start responding to the command and kiss without the treat.

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