How to Teach Your Bird to Speak



Decide on a word to teach your bird.,
Tell your bird this word often.,
Be persistent!,
If your bird is an exceptionally intelligent kind, like an Amazon, Macaw, or African Grey, try to teach him the meanings of words.,
Whenever your bird learns a new word, reward her with a special treat like a nut, seed, or a tiny bit of cheese, along with plenty of scratches and praise!

An easy first word is your bird’s name, term of affection (“sweetie,” “baby,” etc) or another word you often tell your bird. Avoid long words or words that have the letter “P” in them, as these are difficult for your bird to say.;
, Don’t just mindlessly repeat it – say it with enthusiasm and happiness! Your bird will then pay more attention to the word, and hence is more likely to learn it.

, It might not seem like it, but your bird will probably learn the word. However, remember that sometimes your bird will not be able to learn how to speak. If this is the case with your bird, value him for his companionship, not his speaking ability.

, In other words, only say nut (example) when you or your bird has a nut, not just randomly.


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