How to Teach a Hamster Tricks



Build a good relationship with your hamster.,
Know your hamster.,
Be ready to have many days of training and patience ahead of you.,
Now you’re ready for the Circle Trick.,

Repeat again.

Repeat for a few days.

The next step for the Circle Trick is to hold the treat above the hamster’s head and say the training word(s).,
Another trick is the Hoop trick.,
It will take a while before your hamster realizes that to get the treat, it has to go THROUGH the hoop, not just struggle until it gets the treat.,
Repeat until your hamster is a pro!

Another trick that isn’t really a trick is the Finger trick.,
Tap your finger in a place wherever you want.,
Repeat until your are satisfied.

So now you know a few basic tricks!

Teaching a hamster will NOT work if the hamster is scared of you. Get to know your hamster by giving it treats daily from your hand until it will come out of its house and explore your hand for treats when you put your hand down, palm up, into the cage.;
, Many people say that dwarf hamsters are not smart enough to do tricks and are likely to bite, but despite common beliefs, dwarf hamsters are surprisingly compatible and intelligent. If you hamster is a very grouchy one, you may want to reconsider teaching it tricks as it will probably get impatient and slouch away. If you hamster is very hyper, it will take more patience from you to get it to know what you want it to do.

, Training your hamster to do tricks will take lots of patience and plenty of treats. Here’s a hint – have a good supply of treats in store before you start to train!

, This trick is the easiest to do, but will still take a few weeks of training. Simply hold the treat above your hamster so that he/she knows its there. It will stand up and sniff the air, then try to reach for it. Lower the treat so that it’s at eye-level with the hamster, but before the hamster can get it, move the treat in a circle, while saying the training word(s), i.e. “Do a circle!” or “Turn around!” Keep it short and simple. The hamster should follow the treat around in a circle. Then give the hamster the treat.

,,,, If the hamster does not turn around, go back to step 4 for a few more days. If it does turn around, give it the treat right away. Do this again until you can hold your finger above the hamster, say the training word(s), and it will turn in a circle. Once you are satisfied with the hamster’s abilities, make sure that you reward it with a treat.

, This one will take a little longer to do than the Circle, but it is much more impressive as well. Cut out a cardboard or plastic hoop large enough that the hamster can climb or jump through with plenty of room to spare. Hold the hoop in the cage. Hold the treat on the OTHER side that the hamster is on. Most likely, your hamster will trundle around the hoop to get to the treat. When this happens, push the hoop in front of the hamster so that it has no choice but to go through the hoop.

, Be sure that you repeat this trick as many times as you can over the past week, reviewing whatever other tricks you have taught it.

,, This trick is easy to teach, and very practical when cleaning out a hamster’s cage, or getting it back in the cage after the cleaning. The point of the trick is for the hamster to go wherever you tap your finger.

, It’s easiest to start by tapping on a corner of the cage, easily accessible for your hamster to get to. The hamster should run inquisitively over and see what it is. Immediately reward your hamster with the treat that you should be holding in your OTHER hand, so that the hamster doesn’t just come over for the treat.

,, Be creative and teach your hamster new ones after you get the hang of the overall training sessions! And don’t forget to show off your pet to your friends! 😉

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