How to Teach a Guinea Pig to Do Tricks



Build a trustworthy bond with your piggy.,
Research different training methods.,
Choose the training method that works best for you and your guinea pig.,
Gather the materials that you will need for training.

Having a stable relationship with an animal makes them so much easier to train. If your guinea pig doesn’t trust you, or thinks of you as a scary giant that comes to try and communicate all of the time, it will be more difficult to teach. The trust of an animal is a very fragile thing.

Think of it as if you are a mountain climber, trying to climb the mountain of training. The peak is success, and the rope that you depend on to get you to the top is the relationship with the animal you wish to train. Would you rather have a weak rope – aka a weak relationship – or a stronger, more dependable one? If you choose the weak rope, and it snaps, you’ll come tumbling back down to where you started. The strong rope has a better chance of holding up, though, be aware that if you are constantly tampering with the rope, even the strongest has a chance of breaking.
If you aren’t sure of your current relationship with your pet, it is best to keep working with them until they trust you enough to allow you to pick them up and pet them. This may take longer with skittish piggies, but never give up.;
, Once your piggy is willing to trust you and do what you say, it’s time to start looking into the many methods of training. Guinea pigs are very fragile, and their brains work a bit differently from a dog’s, so every training method will need to be tweaked before use with a guinea pig.

Clicker training and verbal markers are a few ways to train your guinea pig. Clicker training is slightly easier than using a verbal marker, and requires a clicker, while using a verbal marker is more difficult and can have different results than what is expected.

, Some owners have different needs than others, and some animals need a specific type of training. As mentioned before, any training method chosen will need to be tweaked in many different ways to suit a guinea pig rather than a dog.

, Different methods require different materials. Some may need to be purchased, while others can just be found around the house. Training a guinea pig is not as expensive as training a dog, per se, but cost is made up in effort.

If you choose to clicker train your guinea pig, you will need a soft clicker-be sure that it is not too loud or sharp for a guinea pig’s ears-and, of course, treats.
Treats that have worked well for many guinea pig owners include chopped up carrots, celery (with veins removed), and lettuce torn up into little pieces. Whatever the reward may be, always make sure that it is quick, chewable, and guinea pig-safe.

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