How to Teach a Guinea Pig to Do Tricks



Master the basics.,
Be creative.,
Stay safe.,
Take it beyond your home.

You and your guinea pig will not reach the harder stuff without knowing everything that you should know about training first. First, work on targeting, conditioning your pig to the clicker, and doing simple tricks, such as “Stand Up”.

, Just because a trick doesn’t necessarily exist doesn’t mean you can’t teach it to your piggy anyway. Make up your own tricks, use your mind, and have fun with it! If you are both bored out of your minds, there is no point in training at all.

Make very low hurdles-no more than two inches off the ground at the most-and teach your guinea pig to jump over them, create a safe agility course, or use lures to train your piggy to jump through a hoop. The possibilities are endless!

, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again; guinea pigs are much more fragile than the average dog or cat, so almost every trick meant for a larger animal must be adapted to suit the needs of a guinea pig.

Ensure that there is nothing to endanger your piggy before, during, or after training, or any other time. Take every needed safety precaution every time.

, While taking a guinea pig to shows to be judged by their fur color, pattern, and sleekness is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, it may be an option to do things with your guinea pig that involve training, showing off tricks, and meeting fellow guinea pig lovers.

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