How to Teach a Guinea Pig to Do Tricks



Get a small garbage can or round, cylinder-shaped object of some sort.,
Place your guinea pig in the general area.,
Use a treat to lure your guinea pig to it.,
Stand back and see if the guinea pig will try to go around on its own.,
Eventually, begin only treating your guinea pig when they make a full circle around the object.,
Begin enforcing a hand motion.,
Take the garbage can away gradually.

It can be any color, and any type, as long as it could not potentially harm your guinea pig. Set it in the area you will be training in.

Be sure to turn it upside-down, so that your guinea pig will not knock it over as you begin to teach the trick. A garbage can that may have contained anything that could be harmful should not be used.

, Gently lift them out of their cage and set them down near the garbage can/other object. Allow the guinea pig to sniff around if they feel the need. Some may ignore it, but this does not mean that they won’t do the trick-have patience.

, Hold out one of the treats and lure your guinea pig towards the garbage can. Move it slightly, further away and around it, until your guinea pig has completed a quarter of the circle. Click and treat.

Do this three or four times, until your guinea pig becomes comfortable with moving around it a bit.

, Every time the guinea pig moves forward a few steps, reward them with a click(or verbal marker) and a treat. Gradually increase the amount of steps they take before receiving the treat.

Hopefully, your guinea pig will soon discover that moving around the garbage can does not go without rewards. Many will figure this out within a few minutes of doing that same thing, but if they don’t, go back to luring and go on from there as many times as your guinea pig needs it.

, Some guinea pigs will pick this up faster than others, and that’s okay. No piggy is perfect, no matter how intelligent they may be.

, The hand motion can be whatever you see fit, but I have found that holding a finger above the object, where the guinea pig can clearly see it, and moving it around in a circular motion. Saying the command “Around!” or “Spin!” may help as well, but verbal commands are more for the trainer than for the animal themselves.

From this point on, only treat your guinea pig when they walk around after your hand motion. If they do it without your motion, just sit patiently until they are done and ask them to do it afterwards. If they do it, treat and praise them immensely. It takes many guinea pigs a long time to understand this, but, if the trainer is persistent, it will be very rewarding in the end.

, Once the guinea pig is very good at walking around the garbage can on your hand motion, put the can up somewhere and do the motion. This can be very easy, or very hard, depending on the piggy.

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