How to Teach a Guinea Pig to Do Tricks



Place your guinea pig in a piggy-proof area that both of you are comfortable in.,
Hold a treat – or, if your pig has learned targeting, a finger – above the guinea pig’s head.,
Once your guinea pig stands up on its hind legs, allow it to drop back down to all fours, and then click or use the verbal marker and treat.,
Continue to do this until your guinea pig does it correctly every time.

Ensure that there is nothing to pose a danger to your guinea pig, or you, and that there is nothing that your guinea pig can crawl under, save for a hidey house for them to retreat to if they feel the need.

Training inside the cage works just as well in the beginning, if your guinea pig is more comfortable in their cage. It will become harder to train inside the cage, however, as you move on to more advanced tricks that require equipment, such as climbing over things. Keep in mind that anything you do use for a trick, such as a hoop, must be adjusted to fit the needs of your piggy.
Remember that not all guinea pigs have the ability to focus on one task for more than a few minutes at a time, so changing up the training routine may help a guinea pig to learn more easily and not become bored.

, Make sure that you are not holding it impossibly high, as the idea is to make your guinea pig stand up on its hind legs to receive the treat. Don’t keep it too low either, or your pig may stand up, snatch the treat, and get away with it without learning anything. This could happen with any trick.

, Praise your guinea pig as if they just did the hardest thing in the world, and then repeat.

Try to time the click or word so that the moment they drop back down, you perform the action. This will eventually lead to the mindset of your piggy being like this: Trick–>Click/Marker–>Treat–>Praise. It may take time for the guinea pig to realize this, but when they do, training is much easier.
When your guinea pig does this trick, make sure they do not stand up for too long, and allow them to lean on your hand for support if needed.

, The guinea pig may stand up on its hind legs without you giving them the motion, which is good-it shows that the guinea pig understands what it has to do to get the treat. However, it is important for them to wait for you to give the signal. If they stand up, just watch quietly, and when they finish, put the treat or finger over their head again. This part may take a while, and it may cause some confusion, but it is essential for your guinea pig to learn to wait for your command, and when they do, it’s very rewarding.

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