How to Teach a Cat to Open a Door



Choose a door that is realistic.,
Tap your fingers on the door.,
Crawl your hand up the door.,
Praise your cat whenever she stands against the door.

Place your cat’s paw on the door handle.,
Reward your cat when she finally cottons on and does it properly.

The latch or handle must be easy to move and the door lightweight. Most door handles or catches are likely to be difficult, so you might need to consider rigging up a different solution before training.

The door should be slow to close after she leaves; you don’t want the door banging shut with your cat squeezed between it.;
, Do this to show the cat what you’d like her to be interested in. Have a treat in your hand to encourage her.

, Make some interesting movement that your cat will want to follow. If she comes over to check out what you’re doing, reward her with a stroke or a treat.

,, With her paw still in place, pull the latch or handle down to show the motion of pulling the paw down.

Do not rush this step. If she squirms, seems uninterested or gets annoyed, let it go and try again later.
Repetition is key. She needs to see the result of pushing or pulling on the door latch or handle quite a few times.

, Keep praising your cat when she does it right.

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