How to Teach a Cat to “High Five”



Sit on the floor facing your cat.,
Hold the target above the cat’s head, out of reach of its mouth and nose.,
“Click+treat” any movement of a paw at first.,
Begin to inch your hand towards the tip of the target.,
Replace the target with just your hand.,
Add a verbal cue while the cat is reaching out its paw.,
Move your hand positioning down incrementally so that your palm faces the cat at about eye level.

Placing a bowl or dish between you can coax attendance, which should always be rewarded to begin the session.Please note: This method relies on the “clicker training” technique with the use of a “target,” such as a ping-pong ball stuck on the end of a chopstick.

, If the cat tries to extend its nose or mouth to the target, withdraw it, wait five seconds, then try again., Over time, reward only paw movements toward the target, then only those that touch the target, then only those with the same paw (either front right or front left).Withdraw the target, wait, then try again for wrong-paw or weak paw movements.
For this method, you will need to be able to click and offer the treat using the same hand, since the other is holding the target. Practice beforehand so you can do the move properly each time.

, Try to hold it with your palm facing down, using your thumb to help grip.Keep sliding your hand towards the tip until it is covering the end of the target.

, Extend your hand, palm down, and “click + treat” palm contact with the correct paw., “High five” is the natural choice., Once your cat masters this maneuver, you can work on other angles for your “high fives.”

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