How to Teach a Cat to “High Five”



Sit on the floor facing your cat, with a bowl or dish between you.,
Present a treat to your cat at about shoulder height while saying “high five.” If you cat goes for the treat with its mouth, or does nothing, withdraw your hand and treat, wait five seconds, then try again.,
“Click + treat” as soon as your cat extends a paw in any manner toward you or the treat.,
Repeat the process until your cat only uses its paw to reach the treat.,
Begin to reward your cat only when it makes contact with your hand.,
Remove the treat from the process once your cat consistently reaches with a paw.,
Switch your hand into a “high five” position, palm facing the cat at about eye level.,
Start practicing from different angles once your cat masters the motion.

Make it a habit to give a treat to your cat for attendance.Please note: This method is probably the simplest option described in this article, but like the others derives from the “clicker training” technique.

,, Practice so that you can use the clicker and provide the treat in concert., Don’t expect to be able to practice for more than five-to-ten minutes at a time, however, and quite possibly less.If your cat is quickly disinterested, try again in a few hours. Try training right before mealtime, when the cat will be eager for treats.

, Stop providing treats for weak or misdirected paw movements., “Click + treat” whenever the cat touches your hand with its paw.Reward contact by only one paw, however, either the cat’s right or left front paw. Teach it to use the same paw every time.

, Do this only when your cat consistently touches your empty hand.Your ultimate goal is to make the cue for a “high five” become the presentation of your palm to the cat. Practice by opening your hand quickly in front of the cat, then sharply pulling it away once contact is made (or if no contact is made). This should be a quick and small movement.

, You can even fist bump!

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