How to Teach a Cat to Climb a Ladder



Set up the ladder.,
Cover the ladder in carpet.,
Leave the ladder out.,
Climb up the ladder yourself.,
Coax the cat up.,
Help the cat.

Presumably, you are not trying to get your cat to climb a ladder so it can help you patch the roof or clean the gutters. Since this exercise is purely theoretical anyways, set the ladder up in a safe place and make sure it is does not reach too high in the air. This will prevent you and the cat from hurting yourselves when trying this out., A cat will be far more likely to climb up a ladder if it can comfortably grip the steps. Since cats use their claws to dig in and gain traction, cover the ladder steps in carpeting or some other soft cloth to help the kitty get its footing., Once you have covered the ladder in cloth, just leave it out. Cats love to investigate objects they are not used to. Ladders only work for one thing, climbing up and down. Just leaving this interesting new thing out for the cat may be enough to get the cat to climb it.A cat that is not forced, watched, or feeling that it is obliged to perform is more likely to discover the ladder and make an ascent for the fun of it, without your interference or coaxing.

, Cats are curious creatures. Use this curiosity to your benefit. Climb the ladder yourself and see if your cat is interested enough in what you are doing to simply follow you up.

, If your cat doesn’t immediately follow you up the ladder, trying calling the cat’s name and encourage it to climb to the top. This may be enough to get your cat scurrying right up to the top next to you.

, If the steps above don’t work, then manually help your cat climb the ladder. Take its legs (not tightly) and move its legs up the ladder gently, one rung at a time. If your cat struggles at all, stop. This is a really unnatural exercise and no cat should be forced to attempt it.

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