How to Teach a Cat to Climb a Ladder



Put the ladder in place.,
Put treats at the top of the ladder.,
Use a toy.,
Tap the top of the ladder.,
Try clicker training.,
Wait and see.

Place the ladder in a safe place in your house, preferably above a soft surface. Make sure the ladder doesn’t lead to anything too high to avoid feline and human injuries.It is probably wise to make sure this ladder doesn’t lead to any surfaces you’d prefer to keep the cat off, like counters, shelves, or the kitchen table.
Again, make sure the ladder is covered in a soft cloth or carpeting so the cat can get adequate traction.

, You can climb the ladder yourself. Or, if you’re afraid of heights, just put the treats as high as you can reach and tap on the step with the treats on it to encourage the cat to climb up.

, If your cat likes to play with a particular toy, use that toy to motivate your cat up the ladder. A string will work best for this, as your cat can follow the string up rung by rung. Keep the cat moving after the toy until it has navigated all the rungs and reached the top of the ladder.

, After trying the treats and toys out, try to encourage your cat by tapping the top of the ladder and calling its name. This final nudge of encouragement may be enough to get your cat up the ladder.

, Teach your cat to associate a click-clack noise with a tasty treat. Then lure your cat to the first rung on the ladder. Click and reward your when he looks at the rung or puts a paw on it. Gradually, your cat will learn he gets a reward for stepping on the ladder and you can start to progress him upwards.

, After trying all of these techniques, your cat may come to associate the ladder with a toy or obstacle to be played with. If this is the case, the cat may ascend the ladder on its own without any treats, toys or encouragement from you.

Cats are secretive animals. You may want to try setting a camera up around the ladder to see if the cat may be using it when you aren’t around.

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