How to Target Train a Cat



Choose an appropriate target.,
Have treats ready.,
Get a clicker.,
Set aside time for training.,
Find a quiet area.

In order to begin target training your cat, you need to select a target. You can use anything from the eraser end of a pencil, a chop stick, a sticky note, or even your hand., Treats are an important aspect of target training. For example, when you first begin training, each time your cat touches the target they should be rewarded with a treat. This is the primary form of reinforcement. Choose a treat that your cat really enjoys and break it into small pieces.If your cat does not get motivated by food, you could use a nice rub as a reward., You can also use a clicker while target training. The clicker acts as a secondary form of reinforcement. Eventually your cat will begin to associate the sound of the clicker with the treat. This can help to speed up the training process.

Clickers are optional for target training.
If you are training a cat that is deaf, you can replace the clicker with a flashlight. This will act as a visible indicator or cue., Training sessions with your cat should be fairly brief. Do not try and train your cat for longer than three to five minutes at a time. When your cat begins to lose interest and no longer attempts to touch the target, you should stop the training session., It is always best to train your cat in a quiet area with few distractions. Choose a location, such as the living room, where your cat spends a lot of time and is completely comfortable. This will help you to gain your cat’s attention.

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