How to Tame Your Winter White Hamster



Before you begin taming, make sure that you leave your hamster alone in their cage for at least 3-4 days after you get them.,
Dry out a bathtub completely then put down a towel/blanket in the bottom.

Get your hamster out of its cage and put him/her in the bathtub.

Start by giving treats from your hand.,
Sit in the bathtub and hide treats on your legs, on your hands, etc.,
Start to try to pet it.,
Cup your hands under the hamster and try to pick it up.,
Keep up the training gradually.

This will reduce stress and help them settle in.
,,, Do this until your hamster starts sitting in your hand to eat the treats.

, Don’t make any sudden movements. Wait until the hamster comes to you.

, Call out its name while you do.

, Continue until the hamster doesn’t try to jump.

, Whenever your hamster reaches the point to where it will let you pick it up, crawl on you, or let you pet it, your hamster is tame.

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