How to Tame and Handle a Hamster



When you first get your hamster, leave him/her in their cage in a quiet room so they can get used to their surroundings.,
After a couple of days of not handling your hamster to ensure they feel safe in their environment, spend about an hour each day stroking your hamster and rubbing your hands around the sawdust so it can get used to your smell.,
Watch your hamster for a few days.,
Put food right on the cage floor.,
Feed your hamster from the palm of your hand.,
Get your hamster used to being picked up.,
Take your hamster out of its cage.,
Play with it over a table.,
Try different types of foods so you can make it happy.

, Also place your hand flat in the cage so it can sniff/run over your hand when it feels brave enough (do not force it do to do anything it doesn’t want to as he/she will become scared and may bite).

, Find out when it is awake and active – the best time to start taming. Note its favorite foods so you can use them to overcome its fear.

, This way the hamster gets used to your hand and learns that it only brings food and means no harm. After a few days, leave your hand there while the hamster eats.

, When your hamster is confident enough to eat beside your hand, put the food in the palm of your hand. It may be some time before the hamster will eat from your hand without fear. When it does, you can stroke it gently with one finger along its back, the way the fur grows. Never stroke its head.

, When it is eating from your hand, cup the other hand over it, and lift it gently a little way of the ground for a few moments at a time.

, After a few more days, if your hamster seems happy being lifted up, you can take it right out of the cage in your cupped hands.

, Let it run from one hand to the other. Soon it will be confident enough to run along your arm.


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