How to Tame a Roborovski Hamster



Leave your hamster alone for a week aside from feeding when you first get it.,
Get your hamster used to your voice.,
Offer your hamster a treat.,
Put the treat on your palm once your hamster is taking it.

Lift your hand a tiny bit above the cage floor when your hamster climbs onto your hand to take the treat.,
Carefully keep your hand at a safe height above a place that the hamster won’t be able to get out of and offer another treat.,
Gently stroke your hamster while it is eating the treat.

Offer your other hand for your hamster to step onto (do this once it is comfortable with being petted without a treat.

If your hamster learns to associate your scent with fear now, it will be much harder to tame later.;
, Sit very still next to the cage and talk quietly and confidently/happily about whatever you want. Singing quietly without dramatically changing key is good too.

, Every day, hold out a treat where your hamster can smell it, but is free to hide from you. Wait five to ten minutes for your hamster to get up the courage to take the treat before giving up. Put a smaller, different treat in your hamster’s food bowl.

,, Your hamster will probably jump off.

, Do this when your hamster stops jumping off.

,, Always reward successful play sessions with treats.

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