How to Talk to Your Middle School Crush (Girls)



Look for hints that they like you back.,
Tell them that you like them.,
Ask them out on a date.,
Avoid blaming yourself if you’re rejected.

Before you confess, try to see if there are any hints that your crush might also like you. Ask your friends to see if they’re interested, or pay attention to how they treat you. Ask yourself:Does your crush initiate conversations sometimes or do you always start them?
How often does your crush text, Snap, or message you?
Does your crush smile when they see you?
Does your crush ever make excuses to touch you?
Do they remember things that you said in the past?

, When you’re ready, tell your crush that you think of them as more than just a friend. You can tell your crush in person, text them, give them a card, or send them a message over social media.You might say something like, “Hey, I really like you a lot, as more than a friend. I was wondering, do you like me too?”
You should always tell your crush yourself. Don’t ask a friend to tell them this for you.

, If your crush likes you back, congratulations! Now you just need to ask them on a date. If you are both allowed to date, ask them if they would like to see a movie, go to the mall, or attend a school dance together.You can say, “Would you like to go out with me on a date?”
You can also say something like, “Do you want to see a movie this weekend with me?”
Ask your parents first. Your parents may have rules about when you are allowed to date., Sometimes, your crush may not like you back. That’s OK! It may hurt at first, but over time, it will get better. Distract yourself by getting involved in activities where you will not see your crush.You might feel as though there is something wrong with you, but the truth is, sometimes people just don’t feel the same way about each other. This will pass.
Be sure to talk to your friends about it. They can help support you during this time.

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