How to Talk to Your Middle School Crush (Girls)



Invite them to hang out.,
Ask them to join a group activity.,
Get their phone number.,
Add them on social media.

You might invite your crush over to your house, mall, or park to hang out together. Since this is not a date, there is nothing to lose. You and your crush can get to know each other even better!

If you’re still uncertain about inviting your date over to just hang out, you can ask them to come over to help you study. This works well if there is an upcoming test that you both need to prepare for.

, If you’re nervous about hanging out with your crush one-on-one, you can bring them on a group outing instead. This will let you hang out with them without any of the pressure.For example, you can say, “A bunch of us are going to go to the beach this weekend. Do you want to come?”

, A great way to continue your flirting when school’s out is to get their phone number. Send them a text afterwards to confirm that you got the right number. This will help start a new conversation!

If you want, you can simply say, “Hey, can I have your phone number?”
If you’re nervous about asking, you can ask instead, “Can I get your phone number in case I have any questions about our homework?”
Never send naked images of yourself to someone. These can be spread or posted online. They can also get you both in trouble with the law or school., Friend them on Facebook, or get their SnapChat screen name. You can like their statuses or post a funny article onto their wall. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even comment on your posts.

Do not stalk someone on social media. Do not like or comment on their posts daily, or the other person may start to feel uncomfortable with the attention. Use these sites responsibly.

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