How to Talk to Your Crush



Have confidence.,
Get your crush to notice you.,
Write a up a list of things you know a little about, and both like.,
Talk to your crush’s friends.,
Find simple things to break the ice.,
Ease the tension between the two of you.,
Talk to your crush frequently.,
Try to get as close to your crush as you can when doing an assignment.,
Begin to go to events with your crush.,
Keep talking often.,

Tell yourself you won’t make a fool of yourself. Be confident! Take a deep breath, look natural and just approach him/her and start conversation.;
, Do things he or she likes to do, if you like it too. Try reading your crush’s favorite book, or join the sports team he or she plays on, and you like the sport too. If he or she doesn’t know you exist, it’s time to get noticed.

, While you talk, you’ll be able to use this to start finding out more about your crush, and will be able to have more choices of things to talk about.

, Get a feel of what he or she talks to them about.

, Don’t know what to say? Try “Hi” first of all, followed up with a smile. If you have a chance for a chat, you can start by asking him/her what sports he/she enjoys, what are his/her after school activities or quiz him/her a brainteaser.

Start saying “hi” in the halls; even the simplest word can start a conversation.

Compliments are good too. In fact, they can be a great way to start a conversation.

, Smile at him/her and be friendly. Wave hello or smile whenever you meet him/her. People are often attracted to a cheerful person!

, Once you’re used to talking about simple things regularly, it’ll get easier for you. Ask him/her a few questions like “hey, did you watch that movie which just came out?” or “hey, have you completed the English assignment that was given out last week?”

, If you sit next to him/her in a class, occasionally ask them “Hey, what did just say? I wasn’t paying attention” even if you heard him/her perfectly. This will give you a chance to talk to him/her, and they might even have the impression that you weren’t paying attention because you were thinking of them.

Another excuse to talk to him is if you couldn’t write down the homework down, that is conveniently from a class you have together.

, Go to events such as games, or a dance, perhaps as a group or just turn up when you know your crush will be around. You can then talk together about the event.

, As you find more and more in common with each-other, he or she will begin to like you more and more.

, Tell your crush that you like him or her, once you’ve plucked up sufficient courage and know it’s the right time.

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