How to Talk to Your Crush Via Email



Find out your crush’s email.,
Don’t sound like you’re saying something smart (like a know-it-all).,
If your crush keeps emailing, score!,
If you are smarter than your crush, make no comments that are sarcastic, confusing or unanswerable.

If you begin talking everyday and he or she hasn’t emailed you yet that day … be brave, just email, “Hi” or “Hey,” and they should continue the conversation from there.

Never get too clingy, always expecting an email.,
If you tell them you like them via email make sure they like you back.

If they tell you they like you via email, do not be scared, simply email back with “I like you,” but only if you do, or say “Thanks, but we’re just friends,” and wait for the next email.

If you are receiving emails from your crush within 3-5 minutes of sending them, they are hooked, so just keep going.

, Be clear with your answer, but still flirtatious. For example if they ask “What’s for homework?”, simply answer with the list of what’s for homework and coyly add that they should email or call if they need some help with it.

, You’ve got ’em, but make sure they like you back before mentioning something personal or intimate.

,,, Don’t continuously check your email. It may just make you feel desperate and less confident.


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