How to Talk to Your Crush if He Knows You Like Him



Act normal.,
Find things you have in common.,
Always, always smile.,
Employ a few subtle tricks to attract him, without going too far and creeping him out.,
If you really want to flirt, find excuses to touch him, especially his upper arms.,
If he is with his friends, let him have space.,
Don’t freak out; just stay calm!

It sounds hard, but if you just act and do things the way you normally do when you’re around him, he won’t see any reason to act differently. The main thing here is to put him at ease.;
, Now that he knows that you like him, odds are he thinks that’s pretty cool. At the very least he’s got some extra confidence in himself and he has you to thank, so you’ve got a great chance of becoming good friends with him, and more than friends if you play your cards right. So get him to talk about himself; find things that the two of you can both talk about. It can be anything: recent movies, his and your hobbies, teachers and classes, music, etc.

, It puts him at ease and lets him know you enjoy being around him. If you don’t think you have a good looking smile, practice making faces in the mirror (embarrassing, yes, but it really works) until you’re confident in all your expressions. Once you’ve got the muscle sequences down, you’re all set.

, A really good one is to, while you’re talking, look into his eyes for a second, then look away and smile, and blush if you can manage it. Maybe twirl or fix your hair with one hand. He already knows you like him anyway, so what is there to lose!

, A reassuring tap, a playful punch, anything like that will definitely make him feel more masculine, and guys generally like that.  Also, things like playing with your hair or licking your lips a bit are great ways to flirt. But don’t do things like that too often; he might think you are bored, or need Chapstick or something like that.

, Also, make sure you’re talking to your friends as well as him or he might think you’re not very social. Don’t forget, he might be as nervous as you are.

, Be you. Don’t change your real self just because you are with the cutest guy in living history!

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