How to Talk to Your Crush Easily Without Hesitation



Start with a simple greeting.,
Ask your crush an open ended question.,
Listen to their response.,
Share a relevant anecdote or ask a follow-up question.,
Present the best version of yourself.,
Communicate to your crush with body language.

When you see your crush, extend a friendly greeting. Smile and make eye contact with your crush. Once you’ve locked eyes, exchange “Hellos” with your crush.

Don’t try to force the conversation. If your crush says “hello” and keeps walking, don’t chase after them. Your crush may not be interested in talking to you or they may be heading somewhere in a hurry.;
, After saying “Hello,” strike up a conversation by asking your crush a question. You may choose to pose a generic stock question, ask them a school related question, or tailor the question to your crush’s interests and activities.

Stock questions include: “How are you doing?” “What are you doing over break?” “Were you at the game last night?” “Do you work at _____?”
School related questions include: “Did we have homework in English class?” “Do you want to study for the test together?” “What did you think about the quiz?” “Do you need help with the Math homework?”
Personalized questions include: “How did you play in the game last night?” “Have you ever seen (insert band’s name) perform live?” ” “What are you doing this weekend?” “Are you going to the party?” “How was your vacation?”, After asking the question, remain focused on your crush. Actively listen to their reply so that you can extend the conversation with another question or personal story. As you listen, make a concentrated effort to appear genuinely interested in what your crush has to say—when you remain engaged in a conversation, people are more willing to keep talking.Set aside all potential distractions, like your phone and computer.
Make mental notes of potential follow-up questions or relevant personal stories to share., After your crush has responded to your initial question, both you and your crush have the ability to carry on the conversation. If your crush asks you a question, take a moment to reply to their question and then pose another question of your own. If your crush does not ask you a question, you have three options: ask a follow-up question, share a relevant personal story, or end the conversation.

Continue asking each other questions, telling jokes, and exchanging stories until one or both of you decide to end the conversation., During a conversation, the information you share about yourself is just as revealing as the questions you ask others. When talking about yourself, keep the conversation positive—negativity and bragging are unflattering qualities. You should also strive to keep the conversation balanced—give your crush a chance to talk.

Don’t spend the entire conversation boasting about your latest accomplishments and avoid exclusively discussing your laundry list of failures. Instead, discuss your passions, your interests, and your dreams for the future. Your crush will come to see how awesome you are!
Asking thoughtful questions demonstrates that you are caring, considerate, and genuinely interested in your crush., Body language is an extremely effective and powerful form of communication. You can use these non-verbal gestures to express your feelings and flirt with your crush.

Maintain eye contact with your crush. Your eyes can convey a variety of feelings, from love and lust to interest and attraction.
Mirror their body language and facial reactions.
Nod occasionally to let your crush know you are listening.
Initiate appropriate contact by touching your crush on the arm or shoulder occasionally.
Remain aware of your gestures and facial expressions. If your facial expression and gestures don’t match the sentiment of your words, you run the risk of sending mixed messages to your crush.

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