How to Talk to Your Crush Easily Without Hesitation



Learn to love yourself.,
Start accepting compliments.,
Develop a list of conversation starters.,
Don’t wait for your crush to make the first move.,
Stay calm, cool, and collected throughout the conversation.

The key to flirting and conversing with your crush is confidence. Your crush can’t see how incredible you are unless you truly believe that you are awesome. You don’t need to strive to be perfect, the most beautiful, the coolest, the smartest, or the funniest person in room—just be the best version of yourself.

Instead of criticizing your appearance, identify your best attributes. Write them down and repeat these positive qualities to yourself whenever you feel insecure. When you look in the mirror, you will start to notice your favorite features instead of focusing on your least favorite features.
Make a second list of your best characteristics. Are you a great friend, a hard worker, an awesome teacher, or a talented musician? Do you show compassion and kindness to everyone, are you willing to give others second chances, or do you have the ability to make unbiased decisions? Your best characteristics are some of your most attractive qualities., It is difficult to accept compliments when you lack confidence. You may struggle to accept that someone thinks you’re attractive or talented. Instead of thanking them, you might say, “I’m really not ____” or “Thanks, but I’m not that_____.” Give your self-confidence a boost by accepting these positive comments.

When you start receiving compliments from others, you will start believing that their comments are true.
Instead of saying “Thanks, but ____,” simply say “Thanks” and smile. As you grow more comfortable and confident, you can expand your reply., It is way easier to make the excuse, “I have nothing to say,” than it is to actually talk to a crush. This excuse, however, is not valid. You don’t need to have an arsenal full of bizarre facts, funny anecdotes, insightful comments, and probing questions to talk to someone. Instead, you just need to be genuinely interested in what your crush has to say and have a few stock questions in your quiver to jumpstart the conversation. These questions may include:

”What have you been up to?”
”Have you seen the latest episode of _____?”
”What did you think of the test?”
”Do you know when the English assignment is due?”
”Are you going to the game tomorrow?”, Our fear of rejection is often crippling and debilitating. This fear often prevents us from taking risks, like talking to our crush. Instead of allowing the fear of the unknown to control your love life, step out of your comfort zone and talk to your crush.

Don’t assume that if your crush really wanted to talk to you, they would start a conversation with you. Your crush may be feeling as insecure, shy, and unsure as you.
Instead of waiting for your crush to make the first move, take charge and talk to your crush with confidence.
If it turns out that your crush isn’t interested in you, at least you’ll never spend time wondering about what could have been., When you talk to your crush, you want to present the best version of yourself. Speak with confidence, keep your emotions in check, and act appropriately.

Avoid gossiping about others
Try to control your nervous ticks, like biting your nails or twirling your hair
Don’t act pushy—if your crush isn’t interested in you, move on
Avoid making offensive comments
Do not tell lies about yourself

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