How to Talk to Your Crush Easily Without Hesitation



Text your crush.,
Flirt with your crush on Instagram.,
Flirt with your crush on Twitter.

If you are extremely shy, you may feel more comfortable texting your crush instead of talking to them in person. While this form of communication is easier and less intimate, it is accompanied by its own set of rules and social nuisances.

Exchange numbers with your crush or get their number from a mutual acquaintance.
Text your crush the same day or night you receive their number.
Don’t text your crush at odd hours, like early in the morning or late at night.
Instead of texting just “Hi,” begin the conversation by asking your crush a question, telling them it was nice to see them, or asking them to make plans.
Don’t stress about your crush’s response time.
If your crush doesn’t respond after the first or second text, do not try again. Your crush’s phone number is privileged information. Don’t abuse the privilege.
Use traditional grammar and spelling in your text messages., It is possible to flirt with your crush on every social media platform, even Instagram. This form of flirting is extremely low stress and requires next to no traditional forms communication. Every few days, double click on one of their pictures to “like” the image. After a few weeks, your crush will notice that you’re consistently likely their images and hopefully take the hint.

Don’t like every post.
If you are feeling bold, comment on their picture., While you can use Twitter to post witty zingers and insightful comments about current events, you can also use this social media platform to flirt with your crush.There are several ways to catch your crush’s attention on Twitter:

Retweet their latest Tweet. Your crush will be flattered that you liked their clever comment or at very least be reminded that you exist.
Follow them on Twitter. Everyone gets a small twinge of excitement when a new person follows them on Twitter—your crush won’t be any different.
Direct message your crush. You can use Twitter’s Direct Message feature to talk to and flirt with your crush one-on-one.
Instead of retweeting and replying to every one of you crush’s Tweets, be selective. Choose one or two Tweets to respond to or retweet each week.

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