How to Talk to Your Crush Casually



Say hello and wave when you see them.,
Prepare questions ahead of time if you get tongue-tied.,
Ask your crush how they’re doing to keep it simple.,
Comment on the weather for a low-pressure topic.,
Introduce yourself casually if you’ve never officially met your crush.,
Talk about classes or interests you have in common.,
Avoid stressing out if you had an awkward conversation.,
Stay positive during casual conversations.,
Offer a thoughtful compliment to make them smile.

Raise your hand, smile, and say hi when you see them. This simple exchange can allow your crush to start really noticing you. It’s also a great way to open conversations, and your crush may respond to your greeting by asking you a question., You might find that you’re too nervous to say anything every time you try to talk to your crush. To avoid this, come up with a list of simple questions that can allow the two of you to begin chatting when you bump into each other. Once you break the ice with the first question, it’ll be much easier to keep the conversation going., “How are you?” is the most natural question in the world. It’s an expected next step after someone says hello, so your crush won’t be weirded out when you ask them this question. It’s also not a question that you can answer with just a quick yes or no, so it’s perfect for opening up a more in-depth interaction.Try saying something like: “Hey Tom, what’s up? Did you have a good weekend?”

, Talking about the weather is easy, because everyone experiences it. It’s also not something that people usually disagree on. Most people enjoy sunshine and don’t love it when there are too many cloudy or rainy days in a row. These discussions can help you get comfortable talking to your crush without venturing into emotional or personal territory.

Ask: “Do you happen to know if it’s stopped raining? I forgot my umbrella today.” Or, “Have you been outside yet today? It’s beautiful!”

, Having a crush on someone who doesn’t know your name is especially scary and maybe even depressing. But just because they don’t know you now doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! If you walk past them in the hallway a few times a day and make eye contact, they’ve already noticed you. Add an introduction the next time you see them.

Say: “I see you around all the time, but I’ve never actually gotten your name. I’m Sarah.”

, You and your crush may be in a class together, or you may work at the same restaurant. You may even share a passion for Star Wars. These are perfect topics to discuss with your crush, as they’ll highlight your similarities and shared experiences. There’s nothing better than having an inside joke with your crush about your slightly odd manager.

, You may find yourself over-analyzing every interaction you have with your crush. Maybe you’re feeling embarrassed because you stammered through a greeting, or revealed a strange, personal detail about yourself by accident. Take a deep breath. You probably remember the conversation much better than they do.

Tell yourself that you’ve got another chance to show them who you are tomorrow. There’s no point in dwelling on what happened yesterday or this morning.

, It’s easy to gossip or complain about something or someone, so this may be what comes out of your mouth when you’re nervous. But try as hard as you can to keep your complaints to a minimum in interactions with your crush. Instead, focus on what you like about the world around you. This will allow you both to enjoy your chats with one another.For example, don’t say: “I really hate Mr. Smith’s class. He’s such a pain.” Instead, go with: “Mr. Smith is tough, but his classes are interesting. What do you think about his latest assignment?”

, Everyone enjoys receiving nice and genuine compliments about themselves. Try to avoid complimenting only your crush’s appearance. Instead, share comments that make your crush aware that you appreciate their personality, talents, and strengths.For example, if you saw them give a presentation that day, tell them how much you enjoyed it. You could also take the opportunity to compliment them on one of the aspects of their personality that you like about them. Say, “you know, you’re a really good listener.” Or, “It’s awesome that you take the time to help other people with their problems.”

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