How to Talk to Your Crush Casually



Ask your crush for their phone number if you don’t already have it.,
Text your crush to keep talking even when you’re apart.,
Invite your crush to a group gathering.,
Invite them to go with you to an event you know they’d enjoy.,
Tell them you like them.,
Respect their choice if they tell you they don’t like you.

Once you’ve spent some time getting to know your crush either in person or online, see if they’re willing to share their phone number. This will allow you to reach out and chat via text.Ask your crush for their number by using a shared class or project as an excuse. Say: “Hey, I could really use your help on the Pre-Calc assignment. Could we exchange numbers?” Once you have each other’s numbers, you can start texting each other just to say hello.
Be bold and tell them you want their number to talk more. Try: “You know, we’ve been chatting a lot lately. Want to give me your number so we can text, too?”

, Texting can act as a good way to slowly increase the amount of time the two of you interact. Avoid sending your crush multiple texts before you receive one back, and use emojis sparingly. You can start by reaching out with simple questions, which may then lead to longer, more detailed communications.

Try starting a conversation by mentioning seeing them earlier during the day, and then asking them how they’ve been since you saw them. For example, “Hey! It was fun hanging out at lunch today. How was your afternoon?”

, See if your crush will join you in a group setting. Ask them to come to a study session, go out for drinks with friends, or attend a game with several of your acquaintances. Once you’re at the event, interact with your crush and use the time to flirt a little., Now that you know your crush a bit better, you’re likely aware of the interests the two of you have in common. These don’t necessarily need to be dates, and you can avoid defining them if you’d like. Instead, take the opportunity to increase your one-on-one time with your crush on activities that show how many interests you share!For example, there might be a movie coming out you know your crush is excited about because you talked about last week. Or you might have just found out that you and your crush are both avid rock-climbers. Take advantage of these commonalities!
This question could look like: “So, I know you’re really excited about the new Wonder Woman movie. I really want to see it too, but my other friends aren’t into superheroes. Would you want to go together?”
If they ask you if it’s a date, respond depending on whether you’re ready to “officially” ask them out. You could either say, “I don’t really know. How would feel about it being a date?” Or, “No, we’d just go as friends.” Your other option would be to go for it and say, “Yeah, it’s a date.”

, At some point, it will be time to take the plunge and be honest about your feelings. This conversation could be exactly what’s needed for you and your crush to become something more. They may even be too shy to tell you that they have a crush on you!If you’ve already asked your crush to hang out with you one-on-one, this confession might be less of a surprise to them.
You can either confess directly, saying simply, “I really like you as more than a friend. Do you like me in that way too?” Or, you can be more subtle: “We’ve been spending tons of time together, and I feel like we enjoy the same things. We might have a lot of fun if we spent even more time together as something more than friends. What do you think?”
Be prepared for disappointment, because it’s impossible to predict or control someone else’s feelings. Even though you’ve interpreted your interactions as flirtation, your crush may have thought you were just becoming good friends.

, You don’t need to stop liking your crush, and, in fact, you likely can’t force yourself to do so. However, if they tell you to back off, you need to understand that they have the right to make that choice. This doesn’t mean the two of you can’t still be friends. Besides, if you stay friends, their feelings for you may change.

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