How to Talk to Your Crush Casually



Comment on your crush’s photos and posts.,
Use Instagram or Snapchat for one- or two-line direct messages.,
Use Facebook or Twitter for longer DMs about mutual interests.,
Avoid over-liking or commenting on posts to keep it casual.,
Post fun things that reflect your personality.,
Ask a mutual friend to tag you to amplify your online presence.

Follow your crush on the social media platform they use most often. When your crush posts something new, take the time to check it out. Let them know you’re staying updated on their activities by liking and commenting on posts you especially appreciate. They may reach out and do the same for you.Try commenting on a picture of a concert or event they attended by saying, “I love the Chainsmokers! So cool you got to see them live!” This will let your crush know you share their interests.
If your crush posts a more routine photo that you like for its artsiness, say, “Artsy! I like this shot.”

, Sometimes, it’s easier to talk to your crush online than in person, so private messages may provide a good way to learn more about your crush. These two popular platforms are designed for sharing photos more than words. Because you need to limit yourself to a few sentences, keep it simple and just remind them you’re thinking of them.If your crush posts a picture from their vacation on Instagram, you could say, “Have fun in Paris! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!” If you’re feeling daring, try ending with, “I’ll miss you!” You can even add an emoji.

, Following someone on Twitter and even Facebook will likely inform you of their likes, dislikes, and interests. If you share a particular view or activity with your crush, use a private message to start a conversation about it. This could allow the two of you to have an in-depth conversation about a common passion.Maybe your crush just posted about a lesser-known politician you also happen to like. Try saying: “Wow! I can’t believe you know who Pete Buttigieg is. We should totally talk about him over coffee.”
Your crush may have just posted that they had a guitar class at the same music school where you go for piano lessons. Message them by saying, “This is crazy, but we both take lessons on Wednesday afternoons! We should carpool. And start a band.”

, Don’t like or comment on all of your crush’s posts, and stick to only recent posts. Otherwise, your crush may get a creepy vibe from you. You don’t want your crush to feel like you don’t have your own interests and life outside of reviewing their feeds., Just as you’re likely tempted to obsess over your crush’s posts, you may be worrying about what you should post to make your crush like you. Instead of trying to get in your crush’s head and imagining what they might want to see, post things that make you happy, laugh, or smile. This will allow your crush to use your feed to get to know you better., If your crush is closer with one of your friends than with you, ask that friend to use their posts to make your crush notice you. They can tag you in photos, or post when you’re going out together. If your crush sees these posts, they may ask your mutual friend about you.

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