How to Talk to Your Crush Casually



Listen attentively by tilting your head or nodding.,
Maintain eye contact while you talk to your crush.,
Smile when you chat with with your crush.

When you like someone, it’s important to show interest in the things that are important to that person. When your crush tells you a story or gives their opinion, use your facial expressions to demonstrate that you’re paying attention. Listening will also allow you to bring up the topic in later conversations., Be sure to stay focused on your crush’s eyes and face whenever the two of you chat. This will let them know you’re engaged in your interactions with them. This could also act as a subtle way to show them that you like them.Avoid making your eye contact creepy. Allow yourself to blink, and don’t be so worried about maintaining eye contact that you never look away from your crush’s face.

, When you pass them in the hallway or have a casual conversation by your lockers, smile. This will light up your face and show that you’re a positive and confident person. This could also make them enjoy your interactions more and cause them to look forward to seeing you each day.

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