How to Talk to the Guy You Like in Middle School



Before starting a conversation with him, smile when he looks at you whenever you happen to lock eyes.,
If he doesn’t start a conversation with you after smiling, YOU start the talking.,
Just greet him and introduce yourself, but remember to be enthusiastic and very friendly towards him.

Ask about classes you both share or your opinion on teachers when confronting him.,
Remember to smile!,
Just be yourself!,
Act as if he is just one of your regular friends that you know.

Don’t put on tons of make-up to try to impress him.,
Look presentable!,
Don’t talk about other guys when talking.,
Have fun!,
If you find out he’s not interested in you, don’t sweat it.

This might give him the initiative to talk to you first, so it’s easier!;
, You may want to wait a day or two after smiling at him before because he might not be interested and think you’re too pushy.

,, Try not to be negative when talking and try to avoid yes or no questions.

, and act like you enjoy talking to him.

, There is nothing worse than trying to be someone you’re not at all.

,, The less, the better. And please, don’t be that girl who’s eye make-up makes her look like a raccoon. You may think a lot of make-up is attractive, but it’s NOT.

, Don’t look sloppy. Make sure your outfit looks put together and matches! Guys notice how a girl dresses and like presentable looking girls. Dress in your comfort zone so you appear relaxed. How otherwise will people relax around you?

, He will think you’re not interested in him or you like them and not him.

, Don’t be a drag, get him to want you. Remember, you are amazing as you are, so be happy and fun!

, There are TONS of others guys in the world- ones that will like you!

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