How to Talk to the Girl Who Likes You



Be honest with yourself, first and foremost.,
Remember that she likes you.,
Choose rejection over regret.,
Just be yourself.,
Be honest when giving a compliment.,
Talk to her in the presence of her friends.,
Join a club or participate in an activity in which she is involved.,
Girls are human too.,
Say hi!

Is she really the girl for you?;
, Hopefully, keeping this in mind will inspire confidence since you are already starting at a vantage point. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

, It’s better to know that you two didn’t have a chance, rather than living off false hope! Don’t lead her on, but rather confront her with your feelings. Both of your emotions are important in whatever relationship you choose to have with her.

, This is critical. It is important that your admirer accept you for who you are, not who you think she wants you to be. Any relationship will ultimately fail if you engage in false pretenses.

, It is easy to sense when someone is insincere. Keep compliments brief and not overly personal until you really know her well. An insightful compliment that remarks on her behavior, personality trait or action can be powerful when delivered at the appropriate time and place. It allows her to see that you are not being trite or superficial and that you value her for who she is.

, Make sure to make eye contact and include her friends in the conversation. This not only exhibits good manners but it will ingratiate you with her peers. It will also help to make her and others feel less self-conscious if you are friendly and relaxed.

, This will increase both your comfort levels and give you a common ground on which to build a friendship. However, if you truly have no interest, do not force yourself to attend. (See #2 and #3 above.) If there is a predominance of girls in the club, don’t let that deter you. Remember, your purpose for attending is to get to know her but if that should not work out, you will have expanded your network of other available girls to socialize with in the future. The fact that there are few guys in the club means that you have eliminated the competition.

, Remembering that she likes you and probably suffers from the same insecurities that you do, should help to reduce your anxiety. If it is meant to be, friendship is a process that should develop naturally over time. Trust and respect are not earned overnight.

, Take the initiative! When you pass her in the hall, say, “Hi So-And-So!” Do it often, too.

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