How to Talk to a Guy Without Freezing Up



Keep your breathing steady and relaxed.,
Present yourself with confidence.,
Display open, positive body language.

Often we are afraid to talk to someone new or someone we like out of fear of being of looking bad or saying the wrong thing. Your nerves may get the best of you and you may end up with your heart pounding in your chest as you try to talk to the guy. Your nerves always make it more difficult for you to stay calm and focus on generating good conversation with him. You can try to adjust this by focusing on keeping your breathing steady and relaxed, even if you are nervous.You may take a few deep breaths before you approach the guy. Do this by inhaling deeply, filling your stomach with air. Let your stomach puff out as you inhale, expanding with air. Try to inhale for a count of three. Then, exhale slowly for a count of three, letting the air release from your stomach. Your stomach should contract and pull in towards your spine.
You can also close your eyes and repeat a mantra as you do deep breathing. You may repeat silently to yourself, “I am calm” or “I can do this”. Repeating a mantra can help you stay focused and motivated to talk to the guy.;
, You may also stay calm by taking time with your appearance so you appear calm once you are standing in front of him. You may choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and poised, such as your favorite shirt and jeans or your favorite piece of jewellery.You may also decide to do your hair that day or put on some makeup so you can appear confident as you speak to him. Keep in mind the best form of confidence often comes from within, so you should not stress too much about getting your appearance just right. Instead, use your appearance as a way to project confidence and a healthy sense of self.

, Another way you can present yourself with confidence is to have open, positive body language when you are talking with the guy. Positive body language can show him that you are interested and engaged in the conversation. It can also encourage him to keep talking to you and connect.Keep your arms relaxed and at your sides, with your body positioned towards him. Maintain eye contact as you speak to him and nod when he speaks to show you are engaged in what he is saying.
You should also smile and laugh when appropriate to communicate positivity and engagement. You may also lean slightly towards him when he speaks.
Note if he is responding to your positive body language with his own positive body language. If he is mirroring your body language and displaying engagement with you as you speak, this could be a good sign.

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