How to Talk to a Guy Without Freezing Up



Make an effort to talk to him whenever you see him.,
Connect with him on social media.,
Suggest a friendly one on one hangout.

Though you may continue to be nervous whenever you talk to the guy, continuing to engage him in conversation every time you see each other will help you continue to connect. It will also help you to get more comfortable talking to him and allow you both to get to know each other on a deeper level.Even a casual conversation on a consistent basis can help you strengthen your relationship with him. Over time, and with enough conversations, you both may be comfortable enough with each other to be friends or perhaps something more romantic.

, In our current digital world, connecting through social media is a social norm and a good option if you want to stay in contact with the guy. After your initial conversation with him, you may friend him on Facebook or add him on Instagram or Snapchat. Making connections through social media will signal to him that you want to continue to get to know each other, in person and online.

, Once you feel comfortable chatting with the guy, you may want to shift the relationship into friendship or something romantic. You may propose a one on one hangout outside of school or work, where you can get to know each other in a casual setting. Though it may seem intimidating to do this, you and the guy have also been getting to know each other through your casual conversations, so your suggestion may not be all that surprising to him.

You may propose a one on one hangout by suggesting that you both go see a movie that features actors you both think are great or like. Or, you may suggest you go for Thai food at a new restaurant that recently opened up, as he has mentioned his love of Thai food in a previous conversation. Use your conversations with the guy to build a rapport and move the conversations to more one on one settings, where you can take your relationship further.

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