How to Talk to a Girl at School (Boys)



Stay calm.,
Greet her with a “hello”.,
Ask a favor.,
Ask a question.,
Make a small statement.,
Look your best.,
Try to make her comfortable.,
Focus on your positive attributes.,
Go easy on yourself.,
Speak assertively.,
Think positively.,
Find the best time to talk.,
Ask her about her day.,
Make her laugh.,
Find out more about her.,
Pay her a small compliment.,
Invite her to sit with you.,
Ask for her number.

Try not to overthink the situation. Though you want to talk to this girl very much, remember that she is not perfect and may be as nervous as you. Girls have emotions and feelings just like you do and may be wondering the right way to approach you as well. Or she may be waiting on you to make the first move!.

Breathe deeply before you talk to her. Deep breaths help calm you down.;
, When you see her, greet her with a sweet smile. Smiles indicate friendliness and warmth. You may have never smiled at her before, so she may have no idea that you want to talk to her. Smiling at her will plant a seed in her mind that you have some level of interest. She won’t be as caught off guard when you actually do speak to her.

, If you see her in the mornings or walk past her on your way to class, tell her “hello.” This will likely begin to spark an interest in her to know more about you and to talk to you. This also will guarantee that she notices you.Unless you have spoken to her before, however, don’t use her name when you say “hello.” She might find it creepy if you know her name but she doesn’t know you or yours, especially if you go to a big school. Don’t look up any information about her either because this can come across as stalker-like behavior.

, One way to begin having small conversations with her is to ask her for a small favor. This is another way to guarantee that she notices you. For instance, you might ask her something like “can you grab a cup for me?” if she is standing by the cups in the cafeteria.You might also ask something like “can you let me borrow a pencil?” if you have a class with her, just make sure that you give the pencil back.

, Another great way to begin having small conversations is to ask her small questions. She will appreciate the opportunity to be able to help you if you ask questions like “what page did the teacher say we should turn to?” or “what is our homework assignment for tonight?”If you’re lucky, she may begin to rely on you when she has questions as well and then you can spark up conversations.

, You can also begin the conversation with her by making small statements that don’t necessarily require a response. Saying things like “wow, it’s a nice day today” or “this lunch is so good” are great ways to speak to her without fear, because such does not require her to respond. However, she will likely respond to you if she is interested, so continue the conversation from there., One way to impress a girl that you have not yet spoken to is to always look great. Get up a few minutes earlier in the mornings and take a little extra time to get ready. A girl is more likely to notice you if you come to school looking handsome and clean cut regularly.

Pick your outfit out the night before and iron it so your clothes look neat.
Maintain your hygiene. Shower regularly and wear deodorant. Brush your teeth and floss.
Put on lotion and wear chapstick.
Get haircuts regularly to maintain a sharp hairstyle.
If you have long hair, wash it regularly and comb it to keep it neat.
Wear cologne, but don’t overdo it. Most girls enjoy when boys smell nice.

, Be very respectful to her and avoid staring or making forward comments. Many girls have guys approaching them on the streets or on social media making inappropriate comments often. Do your best to avoid being one of these kind of guys at all costs. A girl is unlikely to talk to you if she feels uncomfortable or if she feels that you only want her physically..

For example, avoid saying things like “hey baby” or “nice butt” to her. She may think these comments are strange or offensive.
Avoid using cheesy pickup lines or making comments about her body.

, Though this girl may be wonderful, you must remember that she is also probably looking to connect and make friends with people, too. Before you approach her, take some time to think about all of the good aspects about you, as well. If you are a loyal friend or a kind person, show those qualities to the girl when you speak to her, without being cocky or bragging., Confidence comes from experience, you cannot fake it or if you do, you can only fake for so long. Be honest with yourself and about yourself.

You are probably going to feel nervous to some extent. Accept it!
Remember that she is just another person, do not put her on a pedestal or have any expectations when approaching her. Just be genuinely interested in what she has to say and let the conversation unfold as naturally as possible.
Some ways that you can project confidence are to stand up straight and maintain eye contact with the girl., When you do approach her, don’t stammer over your words or mumble, even if you are nervous. Speak calmly, assuredly, and with earnest behavior. Most girls like boys who are confident when they speak and find it easier to have conversations with them.Speak slightly louder than you normally would if you have been told that you are soft spoken.Don’t overtalk her, either. Confidence is not about being the loudest or speaking the most. It might be best to let her do most of the talking. Try coming up with a list of open-ended questions to get her talking about herself. These are questions that do not have a simple yes and no answer. They invite elaboration. For example, you could ask her, “What do you like to do for fun?” or “How was your day?” This will help to show that you are a good listener and you can learn more about her in the process.

, Don’t get caught up in thinking negatively about yourself or what could go wrong when you talk to her. Think positively and positive things will likely come to you. The girl will also likely feel this positivity from you and enjoy your spirit and personality. Most people don’t like hanging around people who are negative, so practice positivity before speaking to her..

, Often times, lunch period can provide a great time for conversation because this is allotted free time during your school day. However, there are other times that work well, too. For instance, in the beginning of the school day, there is some time that you could make to speak to her. After class is another great time.

Speaking to her when she is around a large group of friends could be risky unless you are friends with some of them. Try to talk to her when she is alone or only with one or two friends.

, After you have successfully began making small talk with her, you can now have an actual conversation. Ask her how her day is going to show that you are interested in her life. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so she will likely welcome the opportunity and be flattered that you asked.

You can approach her and say something like “Hey, how’s your day going so far?”

, There is an old adage that says that “the way to a woman’s heart is to make her laugh”. If you don’t know her, making her laugh might be difficult since you aren’t aware of her sense of humor. However, you can work on picking out little funny things about your school that she is likely to find funny..

For instance, maybe your teacher does something that is funny to you like using the word “irregardless.” You could say something humorous like “I think it’s so funny how we have an English teacher who uses words that aren’t words!”

, Take some time when you talk to her to find out more about her as a person. If you don’t know her name, start there. If you don’t know what year she is, ask her if she’s the same year as you. She will gradually begin to open up and you can start asking more personal questions like “what do you like to do for fun?” or “what’s your favorite movie?”

Talk about yourself some, as well, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to dominate the conversation. You might say something like “I’m in the 7th grade, too” or “I got into college and I’m really excited about it.” She will likely ask some questions about you, as well.

, After establishing some rapport with her, you can pay her a small compliment. Don’t give compliments that are physical or that are overly detailed just yet. She may be put off by that and uncomfortable talking to you thereafter.

You might say something like “you’re really good at soccer” or “I saw you stick up for your friend to that bully. You’re a really nice friend, it seems.”

, If you have spoken with her several times, then you might try asking her to sit with you. For example, you can invite her to sit with you at lunch so you can talk some more. If she still wants to sit with her friends, don’t be pushy. You can try asking her again at a later time once you have had more conversations.

She may be intimidated to sit with you if you sit with a lot of your guy friends, so tell her that you two can sit alone if she likes.

, The conversations with her don’t have to stop after this first real interaction. You can continue to speak to her after this, even when you are not at school. Ask her for her phone number and see if she’s okay with you calling or texting her sometimes.

Ask her something like “I really have enjoyed talking to you. Can I have your number so I can call or text you sometime?”
She may prefer to give you her social media information. You can talk to her that way, as well.
Her parents may be strict and may not allow her to talk to boys. If so, be respectful. You can still talk to her at school.

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